Office Dangerous

November 12, 2009 at 7:43 pm (General Life Updates)

This is my first week to have successfully followed through on going into the office 3 times. And boy, oh boy, did I take advantage. Little heath bars, candy jars full of Halloween candy, donuts in the office, the snacks and food that I brought with me. And more heath bars. And then some more heath bars. And it hasn’t been much better when I’ve been at home. Well, scratch that, its been better, just not great.

I took Tuesday night off, and ate way too much. I worked out Monday and Wednesday nights, and I’m planning on working out tonight. T-Tapp maybe. I hope to go for a run outside tomorrow.

But I have to find a way to reign in the monster while I’m at the office. If I’m there M, W, and Th, that’s a lot of extra sugar that I don’t need but am having a really hard time staying away from. Is it ridiculous to seriously go to each person whose jar I have a hard time staying out of – when I get there – and asking them to put their jar in the far reaches of their cube so its not right on the edge and available? At least until I’m gone? It seems so stupid, but I’m seriously considering it with one jar in particular. I dunno. I don’t think she’d mind. We’ll see on Monday when I go in next if I work up the umph.

So I’m still at 187. I was at 185 end of last week, and then I kind of lost it again. I am literally bouncing between 185 and 189. Frustrating, but obviously not enough for me to tighten up the program.

In other news, today K went out and bought a 30″ wide screen flat-screen TV for our bedroom. He figured out how to get the wire up out of the crawl space and hooked to the DVR without drilling a hole in our new laminate flooring. And he had it all set up and was hoping to surprise me with it all working – but he managed to damage the cable so it has to be replaced. I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Dish Network after he showed it all to me figuring out that we think its all hooked up right and the only explanation is the cord. It was such a surprise when he brought me into the room!!! I had no idea and even P managed to keep the secret! It is so big and beautiful and will make watching TV up there so much more enjoyable! I’m looking forward to using it the first night I can that I don’t work out – the nights I have a hard time with munchies.

The laminate is 95% laid down. I’m hoping he’ll finish it this weekend. I also need to spend some time on Saturday painting the baseboards – I’m sure its going to be easier than I have it built up in my mind to be. I’d love for the room to be “finished” looking within the next week or so. Or at least before Thanksgiving.

Have to work a little in the morning, but I’d like to have more hours on this payperiod anyway, which ends tomorrow. Then the run outside and that’s all I have going on tomorrow really. If it is warm, I should spend time painting the baseboards or sanding the swing set. Also dusting and vacuuming upstairs.


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