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November 9, 2009 at 10:34 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)


A good day, I think. I honestly can’t remember much of anything from Friday except going to a birthday party in the evening for a little boy in our ward who was turning 4. P, K2, and I went and they kids had a good time. I spent half the time talking to other parents, and half the time feeling awkward. When we got home (the party was at 5), I needed to feed us something healthy since all that was offered at the party (right in the middle of dinner time) was some weird cheese burritos (had one, ok), chips, and cake. So I settled on the quickness of scrambled eggs w/ cheese and chopped-into-super-tiny-bits brocolli. We had toast with the eggs, and surprisingly enough despite the visible green in their eggs, they still ate them. And they were tasty. I was happy that I hadn’t decided to swing by a drive-thru.


Had a BLAST at the Ph1l L0ng Exp0 craft fair with my mom and dad. We were there longer than I’ve ever lasted before – in years past I was mostly interested in the food tasting stations and that was about it. I would stop at other stations, but know I wasn’t going to spend the money no matter how much I liked it. I don’t know if my attitude was different this year, or if it was just because I knew I could spend SOME money, but I was interested in so many things! We stopped at so many booths, Dad was getting impatient at some due to our indecision when choosing what to buy (or not buy). I ended up buying 2 things for the kids (a marker/air brush set that they can share and some play clay that is a HUGE step up from playdoh – it doesn’t dry out and it has some fun cookie cutters, roller pin, and mat), 1 thing for me (I finally found a piece of pretty dicroic glass that I could afford!! $9 for my pendant!! More exclamation marks!!! All the others I’ve found and been interested in for 3 years now were $22 and up.), Mom and I bought 7 headbands (she paid for this I couldn’t have afforded it) for me, P, my sister, her daughter, etc. I put the headband on right away – they tie around your head and I finally have been shown how to do the bangs-in-front-of-headband look! I bought K some beef jerky that he unfortunately doesn’t like – and I don’t even think the guy gave me the right flavor. Disappointing since the samples were SO good.

Mom and Dad bought some other stuff, including some yummy raspberry balsamic vinegar, tickets to what promises to be a great concert and show, some felt books that I’m going to have to help Mom cut out and put together, and the headbands I already mentioned.

I could have purchased a lot more stuff if I’d had a bigger budget. A really cool cheese grater, more jewelry, some more toys for the kids, a beautiful painting for P’s room, a little scooter toy that goes by turning the handles and holds little kids or adults, dips, vinegar, nuts, paintings for the house, tutus (Mom is going to help me make one for P on my own), dress for P (again, Mom says I can sew one like the dress I saw), and on and on.

After the Exp0, we went to the fair at Pine Creek HS, but we were in and out pretty quickly there. It was kind of small potatoes after the Exp0.

Saturday late afternoon when I got home, nothing much else happened. I did manage to squelch my instinct to order pizza or go get Subway enough to make homemade quesadillas and they were really good. I used canned chicken, refried black beans, minced brocolli, cheese, and whole wheat tortillas. Yum. They were definitely better with the refried beans than the last time I made them with whole black beans.

Saturday afternoon I also convinced K to help me move the furniture into its designated areas for the new floor. It took me a while to get the computer set up in the new corner, but I’m loving this arrangement. No cord strung along the wall for the modem since there is a phone jack right behind the computer over here. The room looks open and spacious and will look even more open when I get rid of the extra couch in the corner. So exciting.


We didn’t go to church because P coughed a lot all night and I woke up with a sore throat. So I figured it wouldn’t be good to go get contagious all over the folks at church. Instead, we had a quiet day at home. I made dried pineapple rings, cinnamon-spice roasted chickpeas (new recipe), pao de queijo. K made blackberry cobbler. I accidentally took a late nap from about 4 to 5 (fell asleep after reading my scriptures on the bed), then made dinner. Lightly floured chicken nuggets cooked in a tiny amount of coconut oil, quinoa, steamed garlic-salt zuchinni. It was pretty good, especially followed by K’s cobbler, which I ate way too much of.

We spent over an hour about midday on skype talking to my brother that is at officer school in Alabama right now from his station in Japan. It was weird talking to him when he’s in the country and not a day ahead of us, but it was nice because usually I talk to him at night when the kids and K are not around and its dark in the room. It was nice to have K and the kids available to contribute to the conversation.

Weighed in at 185 Friday morning. 186 Saturday morning. 185.5 Sunday morning. 187.5 this morning. Bummer, but its because I ate more than usual and later than usual yesterday. I worked out Friday and Saturday night.

Today is Monday. Have to get ready for work soon. Already put a chuck roast in the crock pot with some carrots and seasonings – I hope I’ve seasoned it pretty well since I usually don’t make a very good crock pot roast. All that leaves for K to do is make something to go with it such as rice or potatoes or noodles. Since this will be my first week working 3 afternoons in the office, I wanted to ease him into having to make dinner 3 times. I’d love to learn to use the crock pot better – so nice to have dinner done first thing in the morning!!


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