Swiffer here I come!!

November 5, 2009 at 7:33 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Wednesday I ended up not going into the office. Tuesday while I was out grocery shopping I got a call from K saying that K2 had started puking. I hurried and finished up and came home just in time for K2 to puke twice more. Had to shampoo carpet, change his bedding, and leave him in his diaper for a while as a precaution.

He seemed to feel fine after losing all his food, but we were careful for the rest of the evening with what we fed him. K continued to moan and groan – I swear he pulled muscles when he puked and that’s why he’s still sore tonight – 2 days later. K2 is also fine, and has been since Tuesday afternoon.

But just as a precaution, I kept P home from school yesterday and didn’t go into the office myself. We spent most of the day installing more laminate, though K was so tired and cranky by the end of the day that he was starting fights with me, which is usually my role. We got it almost completed, just a few more square feet. It looks amazing and is such a huge step up from particle board floors!!

I will run on my treadmill tonight for the first time since last week. I’m nervous about how it will be on the laminate, but I went and bought a new treadmill mat (my old one stuck to the garage floor and then ripped when I tried to pull it up to use it). So hopefully the mat will both keep me in place and sufficiently protect the floor from my pounding. We’re in the process of moving the entire living room around, so its all kind of make-shift right now until we finish up the last of the laminate tomorrow. I’m super-excited to have everything in place and to fully be able to enjoy the flooring. Swiffering, here I come!!!

I went to work today, and it was pretty productive. Got a lot of work lined up, so I have basically as many hours of work there as I want. I’m excited about the money, and not so excited about being sucked back into them depending on me. I’m going to have a to full on quit again and I wonder how long it will be before I do it for real. Perhaps when the next baby comes along. Goodness knows I don’t have maternity leave now that I’m flex with no benefits.

Weighed in at 186 this morning. Even though I haven’t been working out much the past few days, I’ve tried to shut myself down at night for eating. I got my fill of Halloween candy this weekend and now I’m staying out of it. Had a little too much to eat at the office today, but I also didn’t have my afternoon snack. So hoping to have 186 again tomorrow and hoping for 185 soon. Of course, I’m barely post-peri0d and this is when I feel most in control. Hope to keep up the good work.

Oh, and I’m in love with pomegranate arils. Bummed though that I bought 4 for $7.88 at Sams only to find out they are a dollar each at Walmart. Hope to stock up – I have a feeling I’m going to be looking forward to pomegranate season from now on.


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