A First for our Family

October 28, 2009 at 3:53 pm (General Life Updates)

This afternoon after picking P up from kindergarten, we went in search of Halloween supplies. Costumes, candy, goodie bags (instead of plastic pumpkins). P is going to be Cinderella, K2 is going to be Buzz Lightyear in some Buzz pajamas (we couldn’t find actual costumes for his age group!). We got them some Halloween bags with handles instead of plastic containers, though I think using a pillow case like I did so many times would have been fine. We got plenty of candy to contribute to the party Saturday night.

Then we came home and had lunch in preparation for the pumpkin carving, or Garving as P kept calling it.

I spread plastic bags over the table, in lieu of newspaper, we drew some faces for patterns on our two squashes, and commenced cutting. Then we told the kids to put their hands in there and get the guts out. They did, and were both so grossed out that they basically didn’t help much for the rest of the experiment. K and I pretty much did the rest of the work ourselves. 🙂 To give her credit, once I’d given her a plastic glove (ill-fitting), P did try and help a little by pulling out a few seeds and innards. I think our pumpkins turned out fine, if amateurish looking. K is going to get some tea candles while he’s out this afternoon so we can light them up for the kids, even though we won’t light them on the night of Halloween since we won’t be here.

It was enjoyable, I guess. Really not sure. But it was the first time we’ve ever carved pumpkins as a family here at the house, just us, so I’m glad we did it. I took some pictures. We kept the seeds and are going to dry them out and bake them for snacks. And now we’ve got this one under our family belt. I hope that in years to come the kids will contribute a bit more!

Another first this afternoon was K and I cracking open a fresh pomegranate. It took us a while, and a bit of a mess, but we ended up with a nice collection of arils. K kept saying it was like eating corn and that he wasn’t sure he liked them, but he kept popping them in his mouth one after the other. The kids ate a few, P more enthusiastically than K2. I finally asked K why he was still eating them if he wasn’t sure he liked them, and he said it was just to get the juice, which he does really like. He finally stopped trying to get pomegranate juice small bites at at time and I’ll probably have the rest of the arils to myself. 🙂 I had about a 1/4 cup of them on some pomegranate Chobani for my afternoon snack. Delicious.

Should be interesting to see how much like corn they really are. I mean, are they digestable, or are they coming out much as they went in the way corn does? Sorry if that’s gross, but I’m just wondering…. 🙂


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