K2 and P – Great kids

October 27, 2009 at 6:40 pm (General Life Updates)

I want to write down some of the stuff that K2 is currently doing, so that I’ll remember better later.

Talking – He started to string a couple words together quite recently. Usually “peas (please) cootoons” or “peas, ewus (else)” meaning “something else”. He also likes to say “now” after a word to signify when he wants it. He figured out how to say “no” about 3 weeks ago, and that is almost all we hear, for everything. Whether he means no or yes. And he says it in this contemplative tone, like, ummm…nooo. Yesterday he started saying Yes. What a relief!! At least now I know if the answer is No, he means No. So today he’s been saying Yes and Yeah, and it helps a lot with the communications around here. P helps so much with interpretation since she often knows what he’s saying when we don’t . He knows all of his cartoons by name, and he loves them all. Dora (he calls that Boots), Boos Coos (Blues Clues), ackans (Backyardigans), Wow Wow (Wow Wow Wubbzy). These are the current favorites. Yes, I know my kids watch too much TV. I’m working on it. I also know I’ve been saying that for about four years.

He’s very independent with walking, climbing, running, coloring, eating. He still needs help with all of the above sometimes, but you have to ask his permission to help him and have it granted before you a move, or mayhem ensues. He got a haircut from his dad a couple weeks ago, and it makes him look so grown up instead of like a baby. He still likes to carry a “banket” with him everywhere, but it is usually a handtowel so that his real blanket doesn’t get too filthy. His real blanket with Mickey Mouse on it is still the preferred comfort, though. He also likes to use the dogs’ heads to scrub his fingernails in while his other thumb is in his mouth. Cloud likes it, until he decides to sit or lay on her, then she gets up and walks away and he follows her to scratch her head some more.

K2’s kind of a wimp when it comes to walking anywhere. He almost instantly wants to be carried. We’re going to have to work on his endurance. He loves to be outside, though, and doesn’t seem to care if he has shoes on. Even if its cold out. He loves nursery at church, getting up in my face as soon as the last song starts to grab my cheeks and say “urtsry, now?” As soon as we set him loose, he walks out of the chapel, down the hall, and into nursery all by himself. He also knows to head straight to the Bishop’s office when we pick him up for candy, usually getting there before a line of kids can form. Good thing since he’s not so great with lines.

Something that he’s been doing for a while, but that never seems to get old is calling attention to stuff. With “WOOK!!” for “Look”. The other day in the car, he was doing it for everything. “WOOK, big mountain” “WOOK, BIIG twuck!”, and repeat. Its awesome and we crack up pretty much every time he says it in his big-man toddler voice. He has only recently starting  using it for showing people things that he didn’t used to remember, such has his “pattoo” or tattoo on his arm (temporary, Transformers), the stamp on his hand from the craft fair he went to, or some piece of artwork or a trick he wants to show us.

He’s a ham, and loves for everyone to be looking and laughing at or with him. He doesn’t sit still for anything but cartoons or books.

I’ll write about P tomorrow.


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