Better but still tentative

October 23, 2009 at 10:06 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Yesterday was a good day. Nothing extraordinary, but good. I got showered and ready for work before picking P up from school. I took some leftover goldfish chicken and quinoa to work. Also some shredded carrots and zuchinni that I needed to use. And a Larabar.

Work was a little slow, but I got some stuff done and felt a little productive. Luckily, the chocolate jars weren’t overloaded with stuff I had a hard time resisting, and though I had some chocolate I wasn’t out of control like I am sometimes. I warmed up the quinoa with the veggies and had the chicken for lunch. I had my Larabar only an hour later; just too excited to eat it because it was Cashew Cookie, my favorite flavor. Of course, because of the Sweettarts that I consumed starting on Saturday at the movies and continuing until Monday, the roof of my mouth has been one big, raw sore for days now. And eating anything hurts. Today’s the first day it hasn’t made me want to whimper to chew food. Not that the pain has stopped me.

Anyway, I left the office at 4 and went home, where K had made chicken spaghetti for dinner. I should have made a salad to go with it, but I just didn’t feel like it. *Smack on forehead* It was ok, but Ididn’t eat a lot. After doing the dishes, changing into my workout clothes, and settling the kids in front of the TV (yes, I’m that mom), I set out to do T-Tapp in front of the computer while the kids watched cartoons behind me. It worked surprisingly well! I did a 40-min T-Tapp workout and it felt good. And different. And it felt AWESOME to have my workout done before the kids went to bed. As soon as I was done working out, I got the kids their bed-time snack and then made mine. Nonfat plain yogurt w/ stevia, berries, hot chocolate powder and some granola. SO GOOD. It hurt to eat the bites with granola in them, but I made do. 🙂

Then, we set off upstairs where we got into pajamas and read 3 books. Kids in bed by 8:20. I came back downstairs and finished the dishes, started the dishwasher, filled my water jugs for the fridge, and then did something pretty silly. But symbolic. I’d already decided I was going upstairs to shower, read my scriptures, make a list for today’s to-do, and watch one show in bed, away from the kitchen. But just in case, I went to every cupboard and air-locked them and threw away the ‘key’. No, my cupboards don’t have locks on them. I was just pretending. It helped me solidify it though, that I wasn’t going into those cupboards again that night for anything. And I didn’t. It helped that I was upstairs, and it helped that I’d exercised and was feeling so good. So I’m not delusional that air-locking my cupboards kept me out of them, but all components together helped me have a binge-free night.

I did my tasks, watched 2 shows, and turned the light out and TV off around 10:50. And then I couldn’t get to sleep for over a half hour. But I slept well, and felt marginally more rested this morning than the last few days. Tonight, I hope to be able to fall asleep more quickly after turning off the TV since I didn’t go back to sleep after taking P to school this morning like the last two mornings.

This blow-by-blow is probably pretty boring, but I wanted to record how mixing it up a little (working out while the kids are still awake) is helping me snap out of a funk. I’m going to “air” “lock” the cupboards again tonight after my after-dinner snack. Which is already planned out as are the rest of the eats for today.

Might go for a run outside today with my dog. Haven’t taken her on one of my runs in a long time. Or maybe I’ll just go by myself. Or take her for my mile run and then go back out by myself. I don’t know yet.

Tomorrow, I’m taking K2 and going to a craft fair with my mom, first one of the season. I’m looking forward to it.

Gotta go get P from school in a few minutes.


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