Update on Teeth. Anniversary. Eating off the Charts

October 21, 2009 at 10:03 am (General Life Updates)

The last few days have been weird. Diet-wise I have not been handling it well. I haven’t worked out since Thursday night. I’ve been eating and eating and eating. Remarkably, I don’t feel guilty about it. I feel like I was kind of burnt out, and I find it interesting that I still handle that by eating. And not even always stuff that I wanted very much. So I’m analyzing ways to stop, but I’m determined not to feel guilty.


K2’s teeth are ok for now. The morning that I wrote my last post, I remembered our home teacher is a dentist in the military. It was a Friday. Maybe he would be home even though no one answered their phone. So I drove the few blocks to their house, and lo and behold his wife was home and he was on his way home and would be there shortly. I returned home to pick up K2 and take him back. This nice man took a few days out from his busy day (getting ready to go catch a plane – that was the reason he was coming home in the middle of the day) to look at my son’s teeth and reassure me that things were looking ok and help me decide to cancel the appointment I’d made for K2. I will need to start taking him for check-ups soon, but for now there’s not much they can do. He said he’d look at him again in a week or so. I was so relieved I almost cried. Again. Over the next few days, his gums looked much less mangled, he continued to suck his thumb, and I continue to make sure his food is already in bite-size pieces so he doesn’t have to bite it off with his front teeth. And he continues to heal. Resilient, to say the least.

SATURDAY: ANNIVERSARY (actually Sunday, but date on Saturday)

Saturday, K and I had our date for our 6th wedding anniversary. Somehow, we got away with both sleeping until almost 11 AM. I got up around 9:00 when I heard K2 holler, got him down out of his crib, and sent him down to P who was already watching cartoons. She bugged me a while later about them being hungry and I groggily told her to get them each a piece of bread. I know, I’m a horrible mother. But they survived and no one got hurt or broke anything.

We took the kids to my SIL’s around 2 and went to see The Proposal at the dollar theater. We enjoyed it, but it was slightly marred by the company. The theater was filled with older couples, and they were all VERY jovial. Like, barrel-laughter guffawing for much of the movie. At first it was just amusing, even more than the movie. But toward the end I started to get a little irritated with one gentleman in particular. He had a loud, squawking, bark of a laugh, and he always started laughing BEFORE the funny part was over. Such that we couldn’t even HEAR the rest of the funny part! He was that loud! I’m all for loud belly-laughter. I laugh loud myself. But this was to the point of being rude. I mean I literally couldn’t hear the movie! Anyway, I’ll see it again I’m sure, and we did enjoy it. What’s not to enjoy at $1.50?

We then went to Bistro de Pinto, a tiny restaurant downtown that serves fancy food. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re chain-restaurant people for the most part, but we had a certificate to the place from my work for Admin Asst Day that we still hadn’t used. Our food was excellent, if scarce. Why are gourmet restaurants determined to leave you hungry? Anyway, what there was was very tasty. We ordered a lobster ravioli appetizer….. and we got 2 raviolis. I kid you not. By the time it was gone (we each had one of course), we weren’t even sure it had tasted good! It was gone too fast! K had a steak as his main course, which he enjoyed though it wasn’t quite hot enough for him. I had some mahi mahi with a pumpkin seed crust and white bean and butternut squash fancy sauce. The sides were veggies – one of each of a carrot, a brocolli, 1/2 a brussel sprout, an asparagus (K’s veggies were the same), and then a creamy coconut risotto. I think that was just rice with coconut milk and it was very good. I want to try to make it at home. ๐Ÿ™‚

After dinner I wanted to walk the 1/2 block to get a Mrs. Field’s cookie, but they were closed (it was a little after 5 PM), so we swung by Panera instead on our way to pick the kids up. The kids were waiting in a darkened house in their coats, while the SIL was sitting on the couch waiting to leave as soon as we got there. So glad our gracious babysitter put up with our kids for us to go on an anniversary date. I’m being sarcastic. I almost wished I’d asked my mom, at least then I wouldn’t have felt guilty for taking a little longer or felt like there was a time stamp on our date. I mean, it was our first date since April. Kind of put a bad taste in my mouth at the end of our nice time together, but I’m trying to let it go.


Sunday, we had plans to deep fry a turkey for dinner for my two SILs and all our families. Somehow, it was decided that though it was our invitation and we were providing most of the work and most of the food, and the turkey fryer, that it should be done over at my SILs house, because there’s more room. Not in the kitchen, mind you, but the house is bigger. We had a very nice evening/afternoon, but it was a little frustrating to have to drive home to get stuff that my SIL didn’t have… twice, and to sit there all afternoon while K got the oil up to temp with little to nothing to do, and not in my own house. But the kids had a blast and we had a nice dinner. It was late, but it was fun. The company is always good – I love hanging out with K’s family, they are all such great people. My older SIL gave me some mini exercise bands that she’d been telling me about (the weaker ones that aren’t tough enough for her) and showed me some exercises to do with them. So we had fun doing some of those together and laughing and looking silly. The boys got to watch some baseball. And like I said, the kids had fun. K2 was so exhausted that night that he woke up multiple times crying and had to sleep with me for a while before I finally got him to stay asleep in his bed.


Late Sunday night I remembered I had jury duty on the calendar for the 19th, but that I’d never received a reminder with my juror number or where to go by what time. Luckily, I was able to find the information online (after much panic when I discovered there were two court systems – county and municipal) and settled on county because their phone system was familiar and the other one wasn’t. I showed up Monday morning, waited in line, and just as I suspected I wasn’t scheduled. Hence, no reminder notice in the mail. The lady offered to reschedule me, or I could just stay and do it since I was already there. I stayed. I hope she put that in the computer so that this mix-up won’t continue. I was there until almost 11 before they released everyone that hadn’t been called to be on a panel. I saw an old neighbor there, read some of Time magazine, watched a tiny bit of Apollo 13 before someone complained about the cuss words and they switched it to a documentary about Asteroids. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun, fun.


We moved all the furniture to one end of the room and started painting the floor with Kilz in preparation for our laminate flooring being put in soon. Then we waited for it to dry and moved it all to the other side of the room (more stuff this time) and painted the rest. It was a strange day of togetherness and waiting. I was grateful that though it was cloudy and breezy, it was warm enough for us to leave doors and windows open so we could air it out while the paint dried and for the kids to be able to play outside. K2 did manage to track muddy footprints over the still slightly damp paint. There are four of them that might be there forever. ๐Ÿ™‚ His cute little footprints.

Today I’m trying to get it together – doing some chores, etc. Since we had to vacuum and sweep everywhere when we moved furniture so we could paint, the main level of the house is cleaner than its been in a while. And it looks it with the white floors. So I’m doing laundry, did the dishes last night, and I’ve already dusted upstairs. I have more work upstairs to clean it up. Its not a sty or anything, but it could be cleaner. And tidier.

K spent 3.5 hours on the phone with the IRS on Monday, bless his heart, to get our tax payment plan figured out. We’ll be paying off our taxes for 2008 for the next 5 years, and will end up paying almost double what we owe. Ridiculous, but it is a load off my mind that they’re not going to put a lien on our house. I’m dreading filing for 2009 and adding to the total by a wholeย butt-load. Something’s got to change, but I don’t know what and I don’t know how, so I try not to think about it since there’s nothing I can do about it for now.

I haven’t been to the office yet this week. I have to do some work today from home on a document. I’ll go in tomorrow. Like I mentioned, I haven’t worked out yet this week, but I’m planning a good workout tonight while I watch Biggest Loser. This morning I put zuchinni (shredded, raw) in my oatmeal with the spinach, and it was tasty. Made it slightly sweeter, interestingly. I’ve been putting raw zuchinni in my shakes, too. The more ways to get veggies the better!

Hard to believe we’ve been married 6 years. Feels like a minute, feels like forever.


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