Bashed in teeth

October 16, 2009 at 10:06 am (General Life Updates)

Not mine.

Last night, we were getting ready for bed. The kids had watched their bed-time cartoon in my room on my king-size bed. As usual. They had had their teeth brushed and were in PJs. As usual. And they were wrestling, bouncing and goofing around for the last few minutes before I put them in their beds. As usual.

I told them to stop. There had been too many lucky falls that didn’t connect anyone’s heads. I turned my back for a moment to put a shirt away in my closet, and turned back just in time to see P fall backwards with K2 behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist. And the back of her head landed on his face. His mouth, to be precise. Screaming ensued.

Without going through a blow-by-blow of K2 clutching his face, P popping up and crying as she grabbed the back of her head, and the blood flowing out of K2’s mouth, the next hour was awful. This morning is only marginally better.

When I realized that his teeth were literally bashed in – as in they were pushed IN, though still attached, at a different angle than his previous I-suck-my-thumb-and-I’m-messing-up-my-bite angle. I tentatively tried to move one frontwards back into place, and that of course hurt him more and his crying increased. As did the blood. Then I panicked. I told P not to move an inch after checking her head for gashes (there were none) and ran across the street to my neighbors, who calmed me down, gave him ice and then popsicles. After a few minutes, I ran back across the street to retrieve P. We spent about 10 minutes across the street with our neighbor Dad holding P while she cried for her daddy and me holding K2 while he sucked on a popsicle, cried, and bled. The sucking on the popsicle seemed to hurt him but also seemed to move his other tooth back almost into position.

Neighbor Dad helped me bring the kids back across the street, which set off a fresh set of crying for both of them. Then I put them down to “sleep” in my bed together, and came downstairs to try and call K again (unsuccessful) and then call my mom. Mom talked me down some more. I texted K to ask him to call me. Then, heartless as it sounds, I started my run on the treadmill. I didn’t know what else to do, and I knew that if I didn’t work out, I’d eat because of how upset I was feeling. K called me about 7 min in to my run and after I explained what had happened he wanted to know if he needed to come home and take K2 to the emergency room. I said no, there was nothing that I could think of that they could do. And then I checked on K2. Calm, but not asleep next to his sister, who was completely out. And then I went and finished my run. 35 minutes total, and a good sweat on. Worked out some of the tension of the accident.

When I checked on the kids again when I got done, K2 still wasn’t asleep. From how relaxed he was, I’m assuming he wasn’t asleep only because he could hear the treadmill. He can’t really hear it when he’s in his own bed. So I put P to bed, almost total dead weight she was so deep asleep. And then I put K2 to bed, where he laid down almost with an air of relief and was asleep I think before I left the room. I checked on him once before I went to bed, and told K to check him when he got home.

This morning, K2’s teeth are still hurting him. I have a call into a pediatric dentist’s office for advice on what to do knowing that I don’t have insurance. They are going to speak to the doctor and call me back; they were very nice. Maybe it was because I was crying. Ugh. His gums are a bloody mess, but he’s not actually bleeding.

I just hope my kid still has his two front teeth when this is all said and done. He’s in good spirits, so he’s not in too much pain. Every once in a while, he’ll push on them too much with his tongue, and say “ow, hurts”. But other than that he seems fine with his swollen lip.

Kids get hurt. I know this. I just don’t have to like it.


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