Quiet Couple of Days

October 14, 2009 at 6:03 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Nothing super-interesting going on here. I’ve eaten a lot of healthy, yummy things the last couple of days, though.

Last night, I cooked my first butternut squash. After perusing quite a few recipes online, I decided to follow a simple recipe for baked garlic butternut squash. It was very good, consisting of some garlic powder (I don’t have cloves right now), parsley, coconut oil, chives, salt, pepper. Baking in peeled, cubes pieces in a pan and putting some parmesan over the top about half-way through baking. I thought it was delicious and had some of the leftovers with my lunch today. The kids didn’t seem thrilled with it, though they ate a little. K said he liked it and ate all of his, which is a good indicator he told the truth since I gave him quite a lot. I made stove-top iron-skillet steaks with the squash, had salad with mine while the kids and K had noodles with theirs.

Tonight I made rice (for them), steamed brocolli (with garlic and onion powder, salt & pepper sprinkled on top while steaming – seems to have helped), and salmon cooked in a bit of coconut oil. Tasty. I also made some banana bread today with some ripening bananas and a big batch of lentil soup for emergency meals and healthy lunches (the kids and I like it, K doesn’t). The banana bread was modified slightly because I substituted more than half of the flour with whole wheat flour, the butter with applesauce (small dribble of coconut oil added), and a little less sugar than it calls for. Also didn’t put in the chocolate chips since K doesn’t like chocolate in banana bread, but put some on top of a hot slice when it was finished for the kids’ snack (and mine).

With dinner, lentil soup, and banana bread, I feel like I cooked all day though I know it isn’t true. But my family has eaten well today, as have I. I’ve had some candy since dinner. Some Halloween bags that K brought home for the kids and I. Luckily, there isn’t anything else in the bags that I really like. Will probably still have a snack later this evening, as will the kids. When we’re on winter hours and eat dinner around 4:30 so that we can eat before K leaves for work, our nightly snack becomes more important.

Worked out hard last night doing a full body circuit that I pieced together from a video I saw with the equipment I have. Then did 30 min of fast intervals on the treadmill – all while watching Biggest Loser. I could have predicted that Tracy wasn’t going anywhere. She’s bringing all the drama – they can’t let her go yet. Ha!

Have a muscle between my shoulder blades, on my right side that keeps bothering me. I think I’m pulling it somehow when I use my resistance tubes. It hurts when I breathe too deepy. Last time it hurt, I took the night off from working out. But since I’ve allowed myself one night off between T and F, I don’t want to use it unless I’m really tired. I’m tired tonight, but not that tired. So I’m hoping the muscle/spot won’t bother me while I work out. I’m not sure if I’ll just run or if I’ll try to do some conditioning as well.

Tomorrow, I go to the office. Hoping K will give K2 a haircut while I’m gone. Need to get started on the swing set Friday. That’s the used wooden swing set in our garage that I bought before we left for Utah but that we went and picked up this last Thursday. I need to sand it, replace some boards, stain it, and put it back together so that the kids can use it. Lots of work, and I really need to get it done so that we have the room back in the garage, room we can’t really spare. Especially since work on putting our new floors in should begin soon.



  1. Lori said,

    You’re doing great!

    For what it’s worth??? I just wanted to say that I *think* the behind the shoulder blade pain comes from letting your shoulders ride up to your ears, especially when your muscles get tired. Keeping your shoulders down with lats engaged seems to prevent it. I’m very prone to it when I do floor work and I’m not used to it…. Rest never seems to help mine, just time……. Hopefully yours heals quickly!

  2. farebear said,

    Thank you Lori!

    I’ll keep that in mind. I managed to work out last night without hurting that spot, though I’m not sure if I should have. 🙂 It feels better this morning, so hopefully it won’t tighten up as the day progresses.

    I’ll keep your advice in mind and try to keep my lats engaged better and my shoulders down – should be doing that anyway, so its a good reminder!

    Have a great day!

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