Probably need a couple of sum-up posts – Utah, P’s haircut, last week

October 12, 2009 at 6:48 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

So I’ll get started.

Utah. We left Thursday around midday. Got there about 8:30. It was a long day, but the dog slept the whole way, refused to pee at any of our stops (there were actually only 2), but since we were trying to give her time the kids got more walk-around time than they usually do. The kids travelled well, and there was generally no incident to report.

Didn’t sleep well the whole time we were in Utah, so I won’t go into the nights.

Friday, I went out with my SIL, L, to the maill. It was awesome – the first time I’ve been able to shop with her and actually fit into any of the clothes in the stores we went to. We went to American Eagle Outfitters first since I told her I had a gift card there, and I tried on a bunch of stuff that I would never have considered without her advice. That’s basically how it was every place I went with her all weekend – trying on clothes that I didn’t think would look good, and then they did. It was great. So, to sum up, I bought two shirts at AE (both on clearance) and two shirts at Express (also clearance). All of the shirts have low V necks that require me to wear a tank-top underneat, but I love them anyway. Fun. We went to VS so I could get measured for a br3, and after the lady decided I was a 36DD, we decided I’m actually a 38D. 🙂 The VS br3 fit like a DREAM, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $38 on it, so I waited on the br3 purchase until I could get to Kohl’s. Oh, and Friday morning before shopping, L and I went running. Well, I ran and she walked because her knee was bothering her.

Let’s see, Friday night is murky. Not sure what happened. I’m sure there was a meal in there, and hanging out with L. She’s great company, and I really enjoy spending time with her.

Saturday. Tried to go running. Went about as far as I had the day before, but had to cough more so it didn’t go very quickly. Then I got ready and my friend E came and picked me up. We went shopping. 🙂 We went to Kohl’s and Payless. I got 3 pairs of shoes for me and 1 for P at Payless, and I got 2 br3s at Kohl’s and some jewelry that was on clearance. By the time we were done at Kohl’s, I had a headache from not eating and we went straight to Cafe Rio where I skarfed down a pulled pork burrito made enchilada style and a huge Dr. Pepper. Not used to caffeine, I was BUZZED after that. We went back and hung out at the house with the kids in time for the men to go to their meeting and waited for my SIL to get home from work. Then we hung out for a little while longer and left again. We went to Frogurt – which I’m in love with. Make your own bowl of frozen yogurt picking from about 10 different flavors and a big variety of toppings, pay by the ounce. SO GOOD! After Frogurt yumminess, we drove to her parents’ house to see her family and the extension they’ve built on their house. It was great to see her parents, two brothers, cousin, SIL. I just didn’t get to see her other SIL, and sister and BIL. Oh, and her niece. Who is 12 and so tall and pretty! I haven’t seen her since she was like 4 – what a difference!!

Got back around 10 to find that K2 was up again and missing me. Comforted him for a while. Hung out looking at E’s jewelry. L bought some, and E gave me some. Yay for pretty chandelier earrings made by a BFF!

Sunday was more low-key. I am not proud of the TJ Maxx trip that really shouldn’t have taken place on a Sunday. Also got a yummy shake from a mom&pop joint. Spent the evening at the BIL and SILs’. Monday, K got his turn (finally!) to take off and went to see some friends. I spent most of the day at the SILs and got to try working out at L’s gym that evening. That was a bit of a farce since I kept coughing, her meeting got cancelled, and I only worked out for about 20 minutes, and not hard.

Tuesday, we left around 1 for home. Got home at 10:15. Daisy didn’t sleep as much, but the kids slept a lot – being exhausted after 4 days of hard playing. I was sore from doing most of the driving, but it kept me from having to deal with the kids’ and dog’s demands, so I’m fine with the trade-off.

P didn’t have school this whole last week due to teachers’ day Friday and the school closing for sick kids the rest of the days. She goes back tomorrow after a lazy week of sleeping in for all of us. Not looking forward to getting up at 7 AM tomorrow. 🙂

So, yeah, last week was pretty quiet. Slowly recovered from the trip, got unpacked. Have some cleaning to do since we’ve been back a week, but since I left it pretty clean its been good for a while. Gotta start doing laundry again tomorrow. Slept in a lot. Went grocery shopping with my mom after going to lunch with her on Friday. One afternoon at the office. Saturday spent reading a book since it was icy and dreary outside. Sunday taught a lesson and went to Monument for dinner – a sort-of b-day dinner for K2. Oh, I forgot to mention we had a small celebration for his 2-year b-day. His b-day is kind of a problem since it always falls on the weekend we got to Utah. So far, he hasn’t cared, but I’m sure he’ll start caring soon. 🙂

Office today. Ate a buttload of chocolate there. Other than that, eating today has been great. 🙂

I’ve decided that I will work out 5 days week. Sundays are off, of course. But my other day off can be any day, BUT a consecutive day. Meaning, I have to work out Mondays and Saturdays. So my 2nd day off can be Tues, Wed, Thurs, or Fri. I’m also feeling more motivated after the last couple of days to stay out of the kitchen at night. Last night I simply told myself I wasn’t eating anything else.

I’m hovering around 188 lbs. And my pregnancy deadline is rapidly approaching. But I think it was psyching me out of my good habits since we got back from Utah, and I’m not going to let it anymore. Plus, I think it just has taken me a while to get my groove back.

There are a few things I’ve been very grateful for over the last week –

1- that the laundry was all done before we left

2- that I’ve gotten to sleep in so much (but I’ve also stayed up too late, so gotta start fixing that)

3- that I had lentil soup and spinach, whole-wheat pancakes in the freezer for quick, easy, healthy meals for me and the kids (we all love both). But I’m out, so I need to make more of both. Probably wouldn’t hurt to make something else I can freeze, but those are the only things in my current repertoire.

4- for my husband. and my kids. they’re great. even though I get frustrated with them.

Okay, so I am trying to decide if I want to give the kids baths tonight so that P is squeaky clean for her first day back to school after more than a week. And K2 can always use a bath – dirty little grunge-bucket.

Since tonight is Monday, it can’t be my night off from working out. I’m still super-sore in my legs from my workout Saturday night, so I think I’m going to focus tonight on becoming more comfortable with my resistance tubes that K bought me last week (he’s so sweet!!). I think I’ll do the exercises on the little poster – when I used them last week I did the DVD, but I have lots of stuff on the DVR since being gone for the trip. I’ve also taken my cardio down to 30 minutes – 45 was totally burning me out. So I’m doing 30 minutes of 2 min jogging, 1 min walking instead of 45 minutes of 2 and 2. And I’m doing my weight work first.

Got P’s hair cut this morning! It looks so much healthier! Took off about 2 inches and had the stylist cut bangs. Adorable. I need to get her some jeans. She has 1 pair that is long enough for her. Every other pant/jeans except her school uniforms are too short. She also needs some church dresses since she currently has 2 that aren’t too short. Maybe Wednesday.


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