Weekend Recap: Got a cold

September 28, 2009 at 9:38 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

That’s not all I did, but right now that’s kind of overshadowing everything else.


  • Cleaned tub, toilet, bathroom floor. Organized bathroom cupboards under sink.
  • Did laundry, but didn’t put it away.
  • Mopped  Scrubbed kitchen floor (includes half bath and laundry room) on hands and knees. Then used this cool spray stuff that you spray on the floor and mop on and it makes the floor SHINY! Looks so pretty!
  • Swept the rest of the downstairs.
  • Worked out. Used moves that I learned from a video posted on a blog that I read. Sore today.
  • Dyed my SILs hair. Back was way sore. Tired from not getting that done until midnight.



  • Home, eating too much. Been coughing since morning.
  • Took nap. Woke up still coughing and sore throat. Ugh.
  • Went to SILs for dinner. Spaghetti, bread, salad. Yum. Blackberry cobbler and ice cream.
  • Came home and kept eating. Watched Race to Witch Mountain. Fun movie, a little lame. Ate too much.
  • Went to bed not feeling well with cold and food-baby.


Not going to work today due to sick. But might go to store anyway, so I guess I’m not that sick. 🙂 K is probably going to be doing some car maintenance today, but he’s still sleeping and fighting off a migraine. I hope he doesn’t start getting migraines like his mom does, frequently and debilitatingly.

So far today just had breakfast. Back on track with eating today. Told myself that yesterday was a high-calorie day and would help my weight loss in long run. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but definitely can’t afford two days like that.


I have no evidence that this was in any way caused by Zevia. But its the only thing I can think of.

So I’d had about 2.5 Zevias over the course of 3 days. Zevia is something I bought at Whole Foods last week since I’d read about it on a blog. No calories, all natural, natural diet soda. Sweetened with stevia. I got root beer flavor. Its pretty good. I don’t usually drink soda, rare treat.

Yesterday afternoon, I had some gas. I’ll admit it. I stunk. This might be overshare, but I need to write this down so that I remember the consequences of ingesting large portions of any kind of sweetener besides sugar (though that’s not good either in different ways), even if its a natural sweetener like stevia. So one of the times that I passed gas…… well, let’s just say that for that moment I might as well have been taking Alli. I had to change. My clothes. Major diarrhea followed after I made it to the bathroom. But the initial reaction was WHAT. THE. HECK. JUST. HAPPENED?! Felt like my body had betrayed me. It was awful and gross.

And the ONLY thing I can think of that could have caused this strangeness, the only thing different I’ve had, is the Zevia. We have two cans left. I won’t be drinking them. Not sure what to do with them. Again, no evidence that the Zevia is the cause of my horrible loss of control, but I will be avoiding it anyway.

The end.

Epilogue: In happier news, when I had to change yesterday I tried on a pair of jeans I’ve had for probably 10 years but that I haven’t been able to wear for 4 years. Express Jeans, size 13/14. They fit. They’re snug, but they fit. <<<<Happy Dance>>>>>


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