Playing hookey and loving it

September 24, 2009 at 7:37 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Due to a slight pause in the middle of the afternoon while I had to stay home because K2 was napping while K went to pick up his nephew from day care and take him home to his 14-yr old sister, I didn’t get all the grocery shopping I wanted to get done finished.

We went to Sam’s as a family. And spent A LOT of money. We bought all the things we were almost or completely out of, big bags of noodles that lasts ages, frozen stuff, lots of meat, snacks for us and the kids, dog food, shampoo stuff, toothbrush heads. And so on. Then, the pause after we unloaded everything at home while K went to take O home. He got back and I left right away to get at least my Walmart list taken care of before he had to leave for work. I got most of what I went for, but since I felt (and was) kind of rushed, there are still a few things.

Since I didn’t get to Whole Foods or get everything at Walmart, I decided to play hookey from work today. I don’t think they missed me at all. 🙂 And instead, I’ve had a very productive day.

I separated all the meat, wrapping it in tinfoil and putting it in baggies in family-meal-sized portions to freeze. This took over an hour. I did the dishes, had breakfast with K2, read him a bunch of books. Got P from school. Sliced up a huge bowl of apple slices to make more dehydrated apple chips (I made a big batch last night, too). When K got up, I went to Whole Foods and then Walmart again. Unfortunately, I took my sweet time at Whole Foods so I was once again rushed at Walmart and didn’t get what I needed. I was trying on br3s, and I’m super-frustrated because I can’t for the life of my figure out what size I am now!! I’m wearing the bra that I was wearing at 230 pounds, and now that I weigh 185 (THIS MORNING!), it just doesn’t fit right, as you can imagine. Anyway, since I was rushed I tried on a bunch, got annoyed and frustrated, and left without any of them. Ugh.

Got home, and whipped up a lasagna. A good one, if I do say so myself. 🙂 Zuchinni and mushroom in the tomato sauce instead of tomato chunks. Yummo! I made two and took one to a lady I know that just gave birth a little while ago and is now undergoing treatments for breast cancer. That felt good to be able to do something small like that. And we still had leftovers of our dish of lasagna. I ate mine with a big lettuce salad.

Tonight I need to unload the apple chips that are almost done and put them in a baggie. The dishes are done. I need to put some laundry away, and I’ll do that while the kids are getting ready for bed. Then, I gotta work out.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment to get my hair highlighted and cut by the same girl who gave me my last haircut about six months ago. The last highlights were almost a year ago now. I’m excited to have her thin it – my hair is super thick and heavy so it hurts when it gets long and isn’t aggressively thinned.

I have more shopping to do. I need a bra. 🙂 I’ve never been measured for one, and I wouldn’t even know how to go about that. I always assumed that the places that do measuring are also selling bras that I can’t afford to buy. So I’m really unsure what to do next because every time I try to find one on my own, I get annoyed and frustrated and confused.


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