Hadn’t realized hadn’t written since Saturday morning

September 15, 2009 at 10:10 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

So let me see if I can recap without writing a book.

Birthday Party:

The prep for the small b-day party for P continued. I bought a pinata – an ugly affair with lime green & pink tassles and silver cones in a sort of star, with 2 Tinkerbell paper plates glued to it. If I’d known where else to go to get a prettier one I would have, but it was the only place I knew of that had pinatas. Later, I found out about Party stores. Oh, well. P loved it, so I guess the fact that everyone else realized it was ugly didn’t matter. I got candy at the dollar store, and sherbert ice cream at King Soopers.

I decorated the cake with different colored buttercream icing (a recipe from my sister’s grandma-in-law). It ended up being a scene with green land, blue sky, tree with purple blossoms, and a girl (wood flat doll from dollar store) princess with a pink icing dress. For having done it with a knife and baggies with corners cut off for decorating, I thought it turned out fine and P loved it. Definitely amateur, but she is easy to please (for now).

Our neighbors let us borrow their basketball hoop to hang the pinata. So we moved that to our driveway, stuffed the pinata and set it aside since it was raining on and off outside. People arrived. We waited until everyone was here (two SILs, nieces A, E, and B, my mom and dad, and one BIL – other BIL and nephew O arrived later), and then we went outside to break the pinata. After some good hits by P and A and E, my SIL F finally knocked it down. We took it back inside to empty it; K divied the candy up into baggies for people to take home most of it. Then we had cake and ice cream after singing to P. She FINALLY for the first year, blew out the candles even though everyone was looking at her. It was great. Everyone seemed to like the cake, except for niece A that said loudly quite a few times how she didn’t. Which influenced P to decide she didn’t either. Oh well, can’t please everyone. At one point, she even loudly proclaimed, “Aunt Farah, nobody likes your cake!” Good thing she’s 4 and I knew she was wrong. 🙂

There were three presents for P to open up. Two from my mom and dad and one from her Aunt F. She got a little backpack with Dora on it and a special pocket to hold the little tennis racket that came with it, with some tennis balls inside. She’s very excited to use that with Grandma at her house. She got an adorable dress. And Aunt F gave her a little Tiniest Pet Shop thingie that she hasn’t let go of since. She LOVES it. Has slept with it for 3 nights. Brought it with her to my bed this morning at 3 when she came in hoping to sleep with us.

Everyone stuck around for a little while, and then they left except Mom and Dad, who stayed to help us eat some pizza I ordered for dinner since I didn’t feel like cooking or preparing anything else.

I started my workout while the kids were still up on Saturday night since K was here. They took their baths and I got them ready for bed, and then I did my weights/body weight workout while they hung out until bed time. I waited to run until they were in bed and K  had left for work, around 9. Got in a good run and then I read through my lesson a few times, made some notes, and mentally readied my lesson.

Sunday was typical. Church, home, reading, eating. I ate WAY TOO MUCH of the candy from the pinata on Sunday. And since I ate some yesterday, too, things haven’t gone well diet-wise the last couple of days. I’ve been feeling lazy on the food preparing front, which is never good when all the foods you should eat need to be prepared, and the foods you shouldn’t eat are as easy as removing a wrapper. I’m up to 189 this morning after last night’s indulgences and NO WORKOUT. Ugh. Oh, and some yummy chicken noodle soup was made by K on Sunday evening.

Yesterday was a weird day for me. I got ready for work, makeup, dressed, hair done, and then realized I wasn’t going since K had something else going on that he couldn’t take the kids to. So I changed into more casual clothes, unloaded the dishwasher (I’d already done the dishes from the night before and started the dishwasher since I didn’t do it Sunday night). Did a couple of other chores, and read for most of the afternoon other than helping P with her homework and a quick trip to the farmers market as a family around 1.

I got it in my head at 12:45 that we should go to the farmers market since I wasn’t at work. So we immediately threw the kids in the car, K put on a shirt and shoes, and we headed out. We ended up getting just peaches and then going to Spencers to buy some clover seed for the backyard. We were out for about an hour. When we first left the house, K was proclaiming his amazement that I would decide to do something so spontaneous. He is always saying I’m not spontaneous enough. So I guess I need to break out of my typical bubble more often to please him. 🙂

As I mentioned, last night there was no workout. I told myself I was tired and I was going to go to bed really early. Didn’t happen. I got sluggish sitting in front of the TV, ate too much, and still didn’t go to bed until after 11. And then I read until I got sleepy. Duh.

Luckily this morning after getting up and taking P to school in a half-daze, I was able to come home and sleep for 40 more minutes before K2 started making noise in his room. So I feel a little more refreshed. But today a workout needs to happen. I’ll be getting ready for work shortly. Oh, and that thing K had that I stayed home for yesterday? His sister cancelled. So I stayed home for nothing, and I have to go in today instead. Ugh. Haven’t decided if I’ll T-Tapp or run tonight. But I’d really like to be stable at 185 before our October trip to Utah. That is in 2.5 weeks.

K bought a running water bottle for me yesterday. It is gray with lime green highlights, includes the handle strap and a little pouch for stuff. I imagine it could hold my Zune, watch, or perhaps a small cell phone. Not sure I want to stop putting the Zune in my bra, though. 🙂 I’ll try it next time I run outside when its hot, but with the way the weather is going lately, there might not be any more hot runs this year.

Ok, well, I’m off to get ready for work. Wish me some control today since its been sadly lacking the last couple of days.


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