Today’s My Daughter’s Birthday

September 10, 2009 at 10:14 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

And once again, I’m not prepared. Good thing 5-year olds are easy to please. We’re thinking we’re going to celebrate her birthday on Saturday, which gives me a couple more days to prepare something special, but cheap. Ugh. I hate being broke!!! K went and got her a couple of things last night, such as toaster strudel and chocolate milk for breakfast and some mini-cupcakes up in the cupboard that she hasn’t seen yet. She didn’t finish the toaster strudel; I find that she’s really not a fan of filling of any kind. If it was just the toaster part (pastry) with no filling, she’d probably have scarfed it down. She’s like me in that way.

Anyway, we might go to Chuck-E-Cheese’s on Saturday. The only problem with that is if we invite anyone we’ll feel obligated to pay for their meal, and we can’t afford it. So it might just be the four of us for that. Perhaps we’ll have Grandma and Grandpa over, maybe the two neighborhood kids, for cake or something. Again, ugh.

Tuesday was my “Monday” in the office. I was bored, sleepy, and unmotivated. I literally had to shake myself awake multiple times. I got a few things done, but it was by far NOT my most productive day. Unfortunately, that feeling stuck with me as I went home. K made a yummy dinner, that I didn’t bother adding a salad to, and I had too much of the RiceaRoni. And he’d made dessert again. I talked myself out of working out, and I didn’t pig out all night but I did eat too much.

So, up to 189.5 on Wed morning. Wednesday was better as far as eating goes, but not great. I ate less, but I still didn’t eat the “right” things. Such as the grilled sandwiches I made for dinner, cheese and chicken salad. With mandarin oranges. Not a green thing in sight.

I did, however, rustle up my first workout mojo since the race. I ran pretty strong and hard on the treadmill, and did some other exercises afterward. If I find myself talking myself out of working out because I think I “should” to T-Tapp (a problem I’ve had in the past), I need to remind myself that for almost 6 months all I did was run and weights and it worked great. And it kept me working out. So I will do T-Tapp when I feel like it, but I’m not going to let T-Tapp ‘loyalty’ to convince me not to work out.

This morning, I’ve done a little laundry, started a summer squash and zuchinni to drying into chips in the dehydrator, and I’m cooking some oat bran zuchinni muffins. I followed the oat bran muffin recipe on the back of the box for the most part, taking the sugar and honey down a little and substituting a tablespoon of coconut oil for one of the tablespoons of vegetable oil, and a tablespoon of applesauce for the other. I also used a pattycake zuchinni, since it is almost colorless and when we steamed it the other night it had almost no taste to it. I figured it would make a good invisible addition to the muffins. So hopefully it will be invisible, and hopefully they’ll be good. I guess if I’m the only one that likes them, I can freeze them. There are only 12, and for once I had muffin cups.

I’m not planning on doing much else today around the house. Just dinner and monitoring the projects I’ve started. Need to go to the store today, and I want to run by the library. I will get some cake mix and fixings for making a cake for P on Saturday, with candles. For right now, my niece is here so I can’t really go anywhere since I don’t know when my SIL is coming to get her.

I think I’ll run again tonight. And perhaps do a more structured weights workout afterward. Tomorrow is Friday!


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