Long Weekend – Never Long Enough

September 8, 2009 at 9:41 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

It is kind of a bummer and kind of a relief to return to regularly scheduled programming this morning. But a recap:

After my race on Saturday morning, I stuck to my plans for the day. Cooking. I went to the bookstore quickly in the late morning with P to get a book with a 40% off coupon, then came home and started slaving in the kitchen.

Made the apple crisp first, and got halfway through preparing the topping when I got uncertain about the proportions. It seemed like so much sugar! I called the person that gave me the recipe, and that was a fiasco because she couldn’t remember if it was the recipe she’d used, or if she’d ever used it! So I decided to trust what I had written down and just go with it. And it turned out great! If I make it again, I’ll take the white sugar down by 1/2 cup and add some oats, but it was super-tasty and a big hit. As in, gone by the end of the evening.

Then I got plugging along on the lasagna. I made the sauce with tomato sauce, beef, and shredded carrots & zuchinni. It was so cool looking! When I was layering, I added a small layer of canned mushrooms as well. The ricotta cheese mixture was a little cakey in the final product, I thought, and I’ll make it with cottage cheese from now on. But it was very good, and also a huge hit! You couldn’t tell there was zuchinni & carrots in it, just a good flavor and texture. I think it was because they were shredded instead of chopped.

When the lasagna was done and resting and the sliced, buttered, garlic’d bread was warming up, Mom called to say they were going to be a bit late. And then I got distracted by the kids and K outside getting ready to ride their bikes for a few minutes. So we went on a short bike ride all together and rode home just as Mom, Dad, and T were pulling up to the house. We all went inside and I put the corn that Mom brought into the had-been-boiling-water that I quickly reheated. Warmed the bread and lasagna in the oven while that cooked and Mom and I shredded some lettuce for the salad.

Dinner was great. Other than P spilling her lemonade all over the tablecloth right at the beginning of the meal, and K2 purposely spilling his apple juice moments later in a fit of pique, it went smoothly enough. Everyone loved the food, ate a lot, and gave me lots of compliments. 🙂 Even the kids liked it all.

After dinner we sat around for a while, and then Mom and Dad and I took the kids for a short, slow walk to try and work some room into out bellies for dessert. K and T stayed and watched football. Dessert was a hit, though everyone agreed it was pretty sugary. Ok, maybe that was just T. It was super-yummy, but I’ll stick by my intended changes for next time.

All in all – a successful evening of entertaining. Football was watched, conversation was had. They left around 9, after I’d given the kids a quick bath and gotten them into pj’s. Then it was off to bed for the kids after a long day, having gotten up for my race at 5:45 AM. K watched TV until he left for work, so I didn’t get to watch Twilight, which had come from Netflix.

Sunday was mostly normal. Church, naps, dinner at Mom and Dad’s with T. We also had appointments at 12:30 at the church for t.r interviews, something we’ve been trying to get done for months. So that’s exciting. Sunday ended for me with watching Twilight. I think I liked it better this second time (I saw it once in theater), though some parts were still just too cheesy to actually see. I’d rather READ my cheese and revel in it than have to see it and cringe. 🙂 I still don’t think that RPattinson is all that good looking, but I guess he’s growing on me. I have to admit I’m exciting for NewMoon to come out. I know I’ll see it in theater, probably after its been out a while, for a matinee, by myself. 🙂

Monday started out normal enough. The morning was sleeping in, breakfast with the kids. Some hanging out. Then K got up, made french toast, and decided we were going to the mountains. We were on our way by about 1:30. So K2 got no nap, but he got to traipse around in the woods, get soaked in the stream, and see some mountains. P loved her time, as well, though she didn’t fall in and get soaked from head to toe. She did have her first peeing in the woods experience, though, that was awry in pretty much every way possible. There had been no one around in our neck of the woods for hours so I didn’t take her very far off the path. Then I had her squat back while holding her hands to keep her up. And the stuff went too far forward and soaked the back of her pants and undies. ARGH! So while I’m trying to figure out how to get her down the mountain without just stripping her naked, two men some walking down the path! Where the heck did they come from!! So I hide my little bum-nekked 4 year old girl in the lee of my legs with my arms around her and my back to the path while they walk by. Hi, Hi, move on people!! So finally they’re gone, and P goes “good they can’t see my booty!” So hilarious! So we finally get her pants/undies off over her soaked shoes and socks, and she wears K2’s shirt as a skirt for the rest of the walk to the car. Then we wrapped her in a towel for the ride home. In the meantime, K2 had to be stripped down and put in a fresh diaper since he was soaked from head to toe. So he rode home in a clean diaper and nothing else. My little nekked childs. Adventures. Guess moral of the story, when you go to the mountains, take changes of clothes for your kids no matter what you THINK will happen??

We got some Arby’s on the way home. After that, the kids just got crazy. More and more hyper as the evening wore on. It was SUCH a relief to put them to bed!!

I went to bed a little too late to say it was smart.

And now it is Tuesday. P’s at school, I have to go to the office after missing Friday for sickie and Monday for holiday. Bummer. Have to go get ready shortly so that I’m ready when its time to get P from school.

Up to 188 this morning, while last week my low was 185.5. So I need to get back on track with circumspect eating. Desserts for 3 nights in a row and more than one snack yesterday afternoon takes its toll. But I had my weekend off after my race, so I can’t complain. Had a shake and toast for breakfast. Not sure about the rest of the meals today, but I do need to work out. Counted yesterday’s hiking (slow hiking) as exercise for yesterday, but tonight I need a real work out.


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