Yesterday was just as Stuffed, but in a different way

September 2, 2009 at 2:20 pm (General Life Updates)

After I wrote that post yesterday and went to get P from school, things started to speed up. Soon after I brought her home, I left to go running. I ran a little over 3 miles in the mid-day heat, did 3 sets of incline pushups, and 3 sets of tricep dips and crunches. When I got done, my SIL was still here picking up her little boy who had been here since about 9:45 while she had a dentist appointment. So we all chatted for a while, until P harrassed K so much about our family bike ride that L and her son left and we went out for about 40 minutes to ride around the neighborhood with K2 sitting in his seat behind K’s and P on her own bike and me on mine. Its been years since I rode a bike, but luckily its true about it all coming back to you. 🙂

When we got home, I changed shirts and hurried out to do some grocery shopping. Went to Sam’s and Walmart, got everything on the list except for the fruits and veggies (getting them tomorrow at farmers’ market), and headed home. It was after 4, and I realized as we were pulling in that I should have purchased a few dipping veggies for the dip and veggie tray I was taking to the Enrichment activity. So I hurried and got showered and ready in record time and zipped back out to buy some brocoli, cauliflower and baby carrots. As soon as I got home I combined some organic black refried beans w/ some cream cheese to warm up and combine and got to cutting veggies.

K woke the kids up (P had fallen asleep as soon as I brought her home from grocery shopping) and fed them a little something. Not much, because they were both still sleepy and K2 was pretty grouchy what with still having this cold. Then we loaded up my veggie tray, dip, the kids, and I headed out to my activity right about the same time K left for work. Didn’t get very far before I had to turn around and come back for diapers and wipes, just in case. The activity was enjoyable. The kids didn’t go into the nursery until toward the end, so most of the time I was distracted with keeping them under control. But I enjoyed the food – my dip was good but I think no one knew what it was or thought it looked gross because it was barely touched. No problem – more for me later, like today’s lunch.

Brought the kids home, P did her homework while K2 watched his bed-time cartoon. Then to bed. It was a long, busy day.

And now I have the cold. And I feel miserable. My throat hurt so bad last night by the time I went to bed that I whimpered every time I swallowed. Today the throat is a little better, but I’m congested and achy feeling. Don’t know if I’ll have it in me to work out tonight or not. Perhaps just a short T-Tapp workout, though I’m not sure my nose can handle me bending over to do Primary Back Stretch.

189.5 this morning. And though I’m sick, I still have a race in 3 days. So I’m hoping to get better FAST. Wish me luck.

Haven’t done much of anything today except have my normal meals, take a mini-nap after dropping P off at school, thanks to K2 not making any noise until I got up again at 10. Did the dishes and some laundry. Probably won’t do much else. Kind of hoping for another nap. Gotta go help P with her homework.


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