Last Night was Stuffed

September 1, 2009 at 11:05 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Or maybe that was just me. I got home from work, already kind of in a blah mood. K hadn’t started dinner yet because he’d been putting together a bike seat for K2 on the back of his bike. And since the bike seat took him so long and dinner wasn’t started, we didn’t have time to go for the family bike ride that I was looking forward to (K called me at work to tell me that was what P wanted to do when I got home).

So he made dinner. Not-very-good steaks. On the new habachi he bought yesterday afternoon along with the bike seat. And after dinner I sat down to sketch out our monthly bills and how much money was left from his check that he got yesterday (monthly check). And there isn’t enough. Not by a LONG shot.

And I got bummed. And then I got bummed-er. est. And K left for work, the kids took a bath and went to bed, and all while this was going on I ate. And ate. And ate. I went to bed earlier than normal, at least. But I didn’t exercise, and I ate A LOT. I knew I was reacting to my worry and upset-ed-ness by eating, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. Food will make the money problems go away?? I think not.

Not too much damage this morning. But I’m not happy with my reaction last night.

Today I’ve gotten a few housekeeping things done. About to go pick up P from school. Then I’m going to try and squeeze in outdoor run and grocery shopping, and I might not manage both. I guess grocery shopping could wait until tomorrow. Because if I don’t run outside today I might not get in two outdoor runs this week to prepare for the race on Saturday. Well, a decision will have to wait, because I have to go get P now.


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