August 28, 2009 at 8:31 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

I’m glad its Friday, if for no other reason than that P doesn’t have school tomorrow so we can both sleep in a little.

Other than that, not real excited to go to the office today.

Dehydrating: I’ve made apple chips and some mango fruit leather. Still need to dry: some strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, bananas, zuchinni, summer squash. Not going to be making any more fruit leather for a while, since I’d rather use thawed frozen fruit for that than fresh – and we have a lot of fresh stuff right now.

Went running outside yesterday. Didn’t even go 3 miles, but I think I went a little faster than when I go further. One week from tomorrow is the 5K. Going to register sometime today. Yay!

Last couple days have been nice – I’ve been in an organizing mood. I’ve shampooed carpets, organized bookshelves, dresser top, and linen closet. Cleaned almost everything (just haven’t dusted. I hate dusting). Gotten some ideas for foods I want to make (hummus, dehydrated stuff). Changed sheets on bed, washed our wedding quilt that’s been in a bag waiting to be taking somewhere fancy for cleaning for a year – decided to just put it in the washer and see what happened. Hmmmm. It got clean. Should have tried that sooner. 🙂 There’s still lots more things/nooks/cupboards I could organize, so watch out. I’ve also been having really vivid dreams. And waking up at exactly 4:30 AM to go to the bathroom each night. And…. my period is late. These all add up to something….. but I don’t know yet and I could be way off. I SHOULD be way off. But I’m buying a little box on my way to work today to try and get an answer and set my mind at ease.

Off to get K2 up, have breakfast, start prepping for work. P gets out at 10:15 on Fridays instead of 11:15, so I’ll probably really get ready after I get her home.

Oh, and 189 today. TA-DA!!! Been so looking forward to that number!! And it is slightly dampened by my suspicions. Hopefully, I’ll know later today if I can continue to try and lose weight, or if I need to switch to maintenance today.


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