Clean carpets, Trial & Error w/ Dehydrator

August 26, 2009 at 7:25 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

So our upstairs carpet definitely doesn’t look brand new or anything. But it sure looks better. And knowing how much gunk I got out of it (lots of dog hair) makes me feel good. Our floors upstairs haven’t been this clean in a while. 🙂 Edged & vacuumed, moved all the portable furniture like chairs and fans, shampooed, let dry. It looks great in my humble opinion! Took me about 3 hours in all.

Amidst breakfast, lunch, taking and picking P up from school, and the carpets, I also blended up some thawed frozen strawberries to make fruit leather. And ended up making fruit paint. Like, it was so thin as it dried that it wouldn’t come off the tray, just flaked a little and the rest wouldn’t come off at all. So I wasted 2 cups of blended fruit. Basically, I hadn’t filled the trays with enough fruit puree. So now that I’ve learned that lesson :), I’m going to try it with mango next. Tomorrow morning because for now I’m sick of the noisy dehydrator. I think I might put it on the front porch to dehydrate – the noise is annoying. After the failure with the strawberries, I sliced up a couple apples and repeated my yummy apple chip experiment since it went well last night. They just finished a little while ago – yum.

K bought some zuchinni and summer squash today so I’m going to try making some veggie chips tomorrow, too. Perhaps before the mango fruit leather, since I’m so anxious to try dried veggies.

Down to 190.5 this morning. Going to do T-Tapp tonight. Hoping to run outdoors tomorrow. Still don’t know if or when K’s going to start his second job, but for now I’m continuing with my adjusted work schedule and will be going to the office on Friday.

Thursday afternoon I also have an appointment, of sorts, to go visit an older lady from my ward. And talk to her about food. And nutrition. Because she was just diagnosed with diabetes and somehow I set myself up for thinking I had something to teach her? Argh! What have I gotten myself into?! I also …. maybe…. um…. told her I’d …. make her lunch with stuff that she has. ARGH! I’m really dreading it. She’s very nice, understanding, and kind. I’m sure she won’t make me feel like an idiot if it just turns into a nice little visit with no help for her diabetes on my part. It started with me posting about my green oats on FB, her responding that she has to make some dietary changes (I didn’t know about the diabetes yet) and that she might try it. Then I responded that I could give her lots of different ideas from the changes I’ve been making for 6 months or so now. Which is true. But I know nothing about diabetes!! And I don’t know how she currently eats. But she said she’s having to completely overhaul her dietary habits, so it can’t be great. Well, I hope I can impart some ideas and not look like a total idiot. Or mess up her blood sugar levels. Ugh.

Not much else going on. Had a kiwi and a couple apple chips for snack, now going to have a granola bar and call it done for eating for tonight.

Oh, I taught K2 how to play the rice game that P always played when she was little. We set up a blanket in the middle of the floor and I gave him a bunch of raw rice and 3 different size cups for him to pour it back and forth. He had a blast, and its good for him since I don’t think his precision is very good. So it’ll help him coordinate his hand control a little better. We did that while P was at school before I started the carpet project upstairs.


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