Quiet Sunday – Another Monday

August 24, 2009 at 9:25 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was a pretty typical Sunday for the weeks we don’t go anywhere for dinner (family, not restaurants). Church, home, K made pancakes, eggs, bacon. Then we sat around for a while, then K2 went down for his nap. Then K went down for his nap. Then I read my book downstairs with P until I fell asleep also. And then I woke up, K2 woke up, K woke up, we had dinner, and soon it was ready for bedtime. And I ate too much. All afternoon and evening. K brought home an Edwards Key Lime Pie, and I had way too much of it throughout the day.

Sunday morning I weighed in at 190. That’s 40 pounds lost. Fabulous. Then I ate, like I mentioned. And today I weigh 192. I’m not too worried about it because now that I’ve hit 190 once I know I can do it again, and yesterday’s overindulgence will fall victim to my dilligence quickly. That’s what I’m telling myself. Friday night I had a huge, hopeless, I’m-never-going-to-conquer-this crying jag. It helped, sort of. I felt better on Saturday. I didn’t have another crying jag yesterday after eating much. I need to be on an eating schedule or things just get crazy.

Today I had my wonderful green oatmeal again. It is a little after 9 AM, P is at school and K2 is watching cartoons. I’ll have to get off the computer soon to get ready for work. New schedule of going to office Mondays and Fridays starts today, even though I still don’t know if K is going to start this job that’s supposed to be T, W, Th, Sa – the reason for my schedule change.

I hope to get more done this week than I did last week. More house-cleaning. More laundry. More cooking. More kid-time. More yard work??? That’s still up in the air.


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