First picture of food on my blog

August 22, 2009 at 10:12 pm (Uncategorized)

I seriously can’t get over my newfound love of spinach blended oats w/ berries & peanut butter. Oh. my. gosh. It was so good this morning after taking the oatmeal to 1/3 cup, the sugar down to 2 teaspoons instead of a tablespoon, and leaving out the yogurt. It was SO. GOOD. Every time I’ve thought about it all day, I’ve been so excited to eat it again.

So I took a picture. It was pretty, and my picture doesn’t do it justice. Chalk it up to poor lighting in the room this morning and my non-skills with a camera. But here you have the yummy goodness. And keep in mind that is Naturally More peanut butter on top, which I’m also newly in love with.

Green spinach oatmeal with berries & Naturally More peanut butter
Green spinach oatmeal with berries & Naturally More peanut butter

So yeah, delicious. Might have it for lunch tomorrow after church since I never get up early enough to have a real breakfast before church.

Today was a good day. I slept in a bit, got much better sleep than I did the night before. Made that wonderful breakfast for myself after making the kids some breakfast first.
Then I did the dishes, swept the first floor of the house. And decided to get out. So I called my mom since I want to borrow her dehydrator and asked if we (the kids and I) could come hang with her for a while.
In Monument, Mom and I went over some T-Tapp moves. Me trying to instruct her. Not sure I’m qualified to do that, but she seemed to be okay with it. I delivered a couple things to her, including a check that I needed to give her and some books I thought she and Dad might like. I’m reading Book 3 in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy right now and loving it, so I took them Book 1 and his standalone novel, Elantris, which I also loved. Dad was the person that told me about Brandon Sanderson even though he’d never read his stuff before, so I thought he might want to check it out.
We made the kids a grilled cheese and some applesauce for lunch, and I had a quick 1/2 lunchmeat, cheese, lettuce sandwich on wheat with some carrots on the side. Then we went to the store for some stuff Mom had to get, and I got a few things, too. Yogurt, spinach (gotta keep up my supply!), a couple of Larabars (love the peanut butter cookie and cashew cookie!), bananas. When we got back, we also took some of Mom’s ready-to-cook tortillas that she’d bought and was afraid she wouldn’t use them all before they went bad. And some milk, same story.
We got home about 3 PM, and then P and K went on a walk with the dogs. K got a new harness for Cloud that’s supposed to minimize pulling so he tried that out. Apparently, it helped (she pulls constantly and she’s STRONG). When they got back they left the dogs and turned around to go back to the park.
When they finally got back, I was ready to go running at Memorial Park, where they have a paved path around Prospect Lake. Oh, that reminds me, I need to see how far that trail is to see how far I ran today. I ran around it twice, and then jogged/walked it again, interspersed with 3 sets of bench pushups and tricep dips on various park benches and picnic tables. I was running the trail to test it out for a potential rollerblading spot, but I think I’d have to go when its not so busy. Not on 5 PM on a beautiful Saturday evening. I also hope to find other, less busy trails to rollerblade on. This park is so central, and kind of packed with some unsavory characters. I tried out K’s camelback for one lap, but had to take it off it was bugging me so much. Partially because it dripped on my left hand for the whole time. He “remembered” when I told him that it leaks. Would have been useful information, before. Oh, well. It was a good run, and the whole workout took about 50 minutes.
K made a nice dinner, and we were just hanging out. Then his sister F2 and her boyfriend (also ex-husband) came over to visit and see the new puppy. They were here until after 8, so I put the kids in the bathtub while they were chatting with K. The kids got to bed at 9, so hopefully they’ll get enough rest to get up and be cheerful and easy to manage at church. We can hope.
Excited to try the new deydrator tomorrow. Going to start with a small batch of zuchinni chips to experiment and get the feel for it.

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