Got carried away with breakfast and this “new foods” kick

August 21, 2009 at 9:18 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve been getting a little bored of my morning shakes. They are good and all, but it does no good to burn out eating something for breakfast every day for ages and then going off the deep end because of boredom and eating a huge stack of pancakes and bacon. 🙂

This morning I made oatmeal for K2. He’s been complaining about breakfast lately, so I decided not even to ask him what he wanted and just make oatmeal. I know he likes it, and I’m kind of fed up with his “opinions” lately anyway. Since I was making oatmeal for him, I figured I’d make it for me, too.

For weeks, I’ve been reading about the fancy concoctions eaten for breakfast by a lot of the foodie blogs I read. And seeing pictures. And thinking someday I’d try something similar. Ok. I did. And it was GOOD. On a whim, I also decided to plug it into sparkpeople just to add up the calorie and fiber intake. And. Um. Yeah. 453 calories. For breakfast. When my usual brekkie is under 300 calories. So I think I got a little carried away trying everything at once. What was in my breakfast?

1/2 cup instant oats, cooked in water in the microwave
about 1/4 cup of NF plain yogurt
2 oz steamed spinach
1/2 scoop All Natural Egg White Protein (French Vanilla)
1 cup of Mixed Berries + Pomegranate unsweetened Dole Blend
1 T of sugar
1 T of Naturally More peanut butter as a topper

And like I said. YUM. But I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling full before I’d finished. Thanks to sparkpeople, I now understand. Wow. So, if I do this again what will I do differently?

Nutritional Info from Green Monster Oatmeal Revision

Nutritional Info from Green Monster Oatmeal Revision

Columns are in this order: calories, carbs, fat, protein.

That. And there’s still 11 grams of fiber in it! I also think that if I do it again, I’ll take a picture and post it. I’m not going to start taking pictures of everything I eat, but there have been a few meals lately that I’ve thought “hey, I should take a pic of this and post it to the blog because it looks yum!” I haven’t done it because I wasn’t sure how it worked. And should I take a picture with my regular camera or my phone? I guess I’ll have to experiment. This breakfast was pretty neat looking with the green oatmeal, purple & red berries, and blob of peanut butter.


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  1. rubiescorner said,

    Wow! What a breakfast !

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