Rollerblading and new foods

August 20, 2009 at 10:14 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Things have been going along pretty normally. I haven’t gotten a lot of housework done the last couple of days. Taking P and picking her up from school, then remembering to do her “homework” so I can sign off is still an adjustment. One more day of 2 hour kindergarten and then next week starts normal hours – 8 to 11:15 except Fridays which will remain 8 to 10:15. Tomorrow will be my first day at the office all week, and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it.  These are the things I’d like to write down so that I remember them…….

Kids: K2 and P usually get along pretty well. There’s the typical fighting over items – usually items that P wants to keep away from K2 and that he wants only because she doesn’t want to share. But most of the time they have a blast together. They wrestle, chase each other, make up silly games, and laugh a lot. The most recent silly games are “monster” where they have to run away and usually hide under some covers to get away from the monsters – usually played with their Dad; and “stuck” where they pull my computer chair out into the middle of the room, one of them climbs into it and then starts yelling “stuck, stuck” in a morose tone while holding out their arms for “help”. The other one comes and “helps” the “stuck” one out of the chair. They did this for a quite a while the last couple days – its pretty funny to me. The last two nights they’ve also played in the sprinklers out front after dinner for the 30 minutes that they come on at 6 PM, which has attracted the two little boys across the street. For some reason when they’re all playing outside, they’re always playing outside my house, not the boys’ houses. Perhaps because both P and K2 live over here so they outnumber the other two. Perhaps because P is so bossy and she only wants to play in her home territory. K2 is getting more and more communicative – his vocabulary is expanding quickly. Some funny pronunciations that he’s got going on these days are “gag-gack” for fruit snack, “asses” for glasses, “bin” for spin, “bosters” for monsters. Those are the only ones I can think of right now, but I’m sure there are more.

P’s loving kindergarten. Getting up so early every day is really helping get her back to a regular bedtime, where she was getting sleepy later and later over the summer. Tonight and last night, she almost fell asleep before we’d even gone upstairs for ‘wind-down’ time. I haven’t done much more with my longer days, though in theory you’d think I could be more productive. Hopefully that will come as we all adjust to the new school schedule. K2 always asks for P first thing in the morning, and he’s getting used to her not being here when I say she’s at school. But he doesn’t like it, and its hard to get him to eat breakfast without her eating with him.

New foods: We tried quinoa for our evening meal a couple nights ago. Or rather, I tried it since I was doing the cooking. I got a simple recipe off the internet for toasting a cup of quinoa in a little butter, then cooking it in chicken broth with some seasonings. I didn’t add anything to it other than that for our first try, and I have to say I loved it. Nutty, filling, fun texture. The kids didn’t seem to mind it and neither did K, though I’m sure I liked it a lot more than anyone else. I hope to make it a staple around here. Yesterday, to rig a topping for my yogurt, I toasted a little quinoa in a little butter and a little honey. Fabulous!! I’m sure this has all been done, but I feel like I’m slowly expanding my somewhat limited cuisine horizons and its fun.

I also remembered that months ago, my mother mentioned that she still had her food dehydrator that she used to make fruit leather with when we were kids…. and that I could borrow it. At the time, I think I was too worried and overwhelmed with other matters, such as bankruptcy, perhaps a miscarriage. Anyway, those veggie chips you can get at organic stores are so yummy… but so salty and processed, if less so than your typical chip. So I thought I could perhaps slice some veggies REALLY thinly (probably using this Pampered Chef thingy I have that I’ve rarely used but is pretty handy), and dehydrate them after tossing them in a little seasoning…. could I make homemade veggie chips for my kids that they’d like and eat? I have a hard time getting them to eat veggies – P is getting better as she gets older and I can both force her and rationalize with her. K2 is getting to be impossible, though. I called my mom, asked about the dehydrator, and sure enough! I can borrow it and the experimenting can begin. I’m pretty excited. I’d like to try my hand at making fruit leather, too, but for now I’d like to focus on veggies.

Rollerblades: Yesterday, the puppy decided that under the bed is his favorite place. I’m assuming that he’ll eventually get too big to squeeze under there, but for now that’s his hideaway. Early yesterday morning, I heard him chewing something down there through my sleeping. Later, I discovered it was the box to my rollerblades that had already been chewed on quite liberally by our dog T, whom we gave away a couple years ago. So, in the interests of preserving what’s left of the box, and therefore the rollerblades in the box, I pulled it out. And decided to try them on to see if they even still fit me after having my feet grown with both pregnancies. And they did! So I zipped around the house a little. Okay, zipped isn’t exactly the right word for my very non-graceful flailing and timidity. But the kids were excited, and so was I. So I took it outside. I went down around the culdesac (two houses distance, not far) and then up the street to the end of our street (about 8 houses, again, not far). And back. The kids chased me the whole time, K2 quite upset – not sure if he thought I was going to keep going. Conclusions: I still have some of the ability to rollerblade from my hours and hours of doing so …… 12 YEARS AGO. But I’ve lost most of my confidence, and some of my skills (like being able to turn a corner by doing the foot over thing – though I could only ever put right foot over left on a left curve). BUT, it would be a great way to get a workout if I could find a nice paved pathway with no big hills and a smooth enough surface! So, that is one of my missions. I know of one paved pathway at Prospect Lake so I’m hoping to go run it on Saturday to test it out and see if it would work for rollerblading. But a lot of the trails in the maps say paved when they really mean gravel. I’m going to have to do some research, but I’m excited to resurrect a way of exercise that I really enjoyed years and years ago. The only thing that worries me is the chronic pain in my left ankle – its been better lately for running and T-tapp, but it flared up a little for the short jaunt on the blades. But perhaps blading would strengthen it? Not sure there.

5K: My youngest brother and I are doing another 5K. It is on September 5th and it is called Race for the Fallen in Fountain, CO. I’m super-excited both to be doing another 5K (I so enjoyed my first, though the day was later spoiled somewhat by totalling my truck in an accident), and to be running it with my brother. I know that we won’t actually run together since he’s so much faster than me and I’d never expect him to hang back for me, but still we’ll both be there, we’ll both start out together, and we’ll both be there when its all over to celebrate. He doesn’t come home to CO much anymore, so I’m glad that I got him to commit to coming out here; I know my parents are going to be happy to get to see him also and he’ll be staying with them.

Gosh, I had much more to say than I thought I would. Eats were good today, exercise was good this evening. Was down to 191 this morning, so I need to stay on task so as not to gain back 5 pounds like I did last time I hit 191. Hoping to see 189 sometime next week!!


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