Thrown my mental calendar all off

August 19, 2009 at 9:34 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Yesterday things did not go as planned. I found out when I was about to go get P from work that K was planning on leaving – he had assumed I’d already started my new work schedule and wasn’t going in until Friday. So I emailed work to tell them I wasn’t coming and about my new schedule.

I spent the day like this – sweeping the downstairs, starting load of laundry, taking a shower, and then basically the rest of the day I interspersed my meals, taking care of the kids, and reading a book. I made dinner – got a simple recipe for quinoa off the internet and made some pan seared chicken and steamed zuchinni. I really enjoyed the quinoa, though I think I liked it more than anyone else in the family. They didn’t hate it, but its probably not going to be their favorite.

I put it on some yogurt last night, along with a broken up Nature’s Valley granola bar and some berries, and I liked it like that, too. So I’m thinking I might roast some, maybe with some honey, to use as a topping for yogurt.

Anyway, yesterday was pretty unproductive. I did do a full T-Tapp workout in the evening. I was feeling a little tight from my outside run the day before, so I figured a rehabilitative Tapp workout would be good for me. It was a good workout, sweat dripping off of my face. For some reason I sweat more in the head and face when I do T-Tapp than when I run. Or maybe its just because I’m not moving much so the sweat can drip down easier. Not sure.

Today I’m still not going into the office. And tomorrow K might start his job and once again never be around. And I have this puppy. That keeps pooping and peeing in the house when K’s not around. I hope to get a little more laundry done today. Perhaps I’ll get something else done. But I kind of doubt it. 🙂 Tonight is bath night, so I’ll get the kids all scrubbed up. I already  unloaded the dishwasher. I’ll feed the kids, and myself and the hubby. I’ll go to the store and buy some lettuce and milk, and maybe go purchase the next book in my series since I’m almost done. I don’t anticipate being supermom or super-housekeeper today. But hopefully it will be a good day.

K just made blueberry pancakes and they smell SO good. But I’m resisting. I’ve already had my morning shake, and its only 9:30. I need to not be hungry yet. That smell……


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