Not too bad

August 18, 2009 at 9:20 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

That’s how the first night with the puppy was. Not too bad. But I’m still reserving judgment. He is an adorable little fellow, though.

It is 9:16. P is at school, K2 is still asleep. I haven’t had breakfast yet, though I’m really hungry. I was going to have a shake, but I have to wait until K2 wakes up before I do that since the blender is so ridiculously loud (if effective). I could switch and have oatmeal instead. Hmmm. Or I could just wake him up. I mean what almost-2 year old sleeps past 9 AM?

After breakfast, I’ll be picking P up from school and then getting ready for work. I’ll have to let them know today that my days are going to have to switch to Mondays and Fridays. Not cool. Mondays are usually my most efficient, productive day of the week at home. And Fridays are usually the exact opposite. Not excited to have those be my office days. I also don’t think it will work as well for them to work admin meetings around those days, so I might not get to go to them anymore.

Better go. Think I’m going to wake up the K-ster so I can have my shake. Its cold and rainy today after a night of lightning and hailstorms. And I’m down to 193 today. Keep up the good work, F. Gotta get below 190. I only have a month and a half before I might be getting pregnant. Deadlines. Argh.


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