No dog thank goodness

August 16, 2009 at 8:18 pm (General Life Updates)

The gun wasn’t enough to pay for the dog. They wanted the equivalent of 900 dollars and he only thought the gun was worth about 350. They would have accepted a post-dated check for the rest, but thank goodness K agrees we don’t have that kind of discretionary money, nor are we likely to next month. So, no puppy for now. But he’s going to look at another one tomorrow afternoon. So its really only a matter of time before we have two dogs again. He says he loves me, and yet he does this to me. Hmmmm.

Not doing too well with the food. The last couple days have just been so unfocused. Workouts are off, eating is too much. Hoping tomorrow goes better. This will be our first week of P being in school for 5 days straight. Should be interesting. I’ve got to start getting to bed earlier!

K is upstairs playing with the kids. He slept all day – until about 5. Then he made dinner for us all, he and I completed an online application for a security position in another town. Now he’s up there with them. Whenever they play together like this, there’s always lots of yelling, laughing, growling, thumping, jumping, running, screaming. I love listening to them play, and I love that his attention span and endurance don’t run out after 2 minutes like mine do. He’s such a good dad, but since he’s so busy he rarely gets a good chunk of time to just play with them. I say the noisier the better. I think he’s being a ‘monster’ right now. He’ll have to leave for work in a few minutes, so I’m glad he’s dedicating this time to them since they haven’t seen him today much, except for in bed with his mouth open while he sleeps. 🙂

Today at church, one of the ladies that I really admire and respect said that she loves me. That there’s just something about me that draws her to me, and that maybe I remind her of herself. I was so flattered and pleased. She is one of those people that is just a font of knowledge – I could listen to her talk for hours and never be bored. She’s a soothing, calm lady and I think she’s amazing. So I was happy to know that she returns the sentiment. She also thinks my kids are great, and that’s always fun for a mother to hear.

Well, the noise and ‘monsters’ have moved downstairs so I better go.


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