Here’s that new day I mentioned

August 15, 2009 at 2:33 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

I decided last night when I went to bed that today would be better nutritionally, productively, and therefore emotionally. Last night I walked for 30 minutes during the beginning of the movie “Obsessed”, but was watching the clock the entire time and anxious to get done. I barely worked up a sweat. I also had a few more things to eat, though I’m not classifying it as a binge. And this morning I was up two pounds.

I’ve gotten some more stuff done today, though I haven’t been superwoman by any means. I’ve cleaned the kitchen, fed the kids breakfast and lunch, and I have the self-clean cycle running on the oven after washing out the worst of the gunk in there manually and wiping out the drawer under the oven. Which hadn’t been wiped out in LONG time. So I’m excited for the oven to be clean in a couple hours (its already been running for almost 2). And I even swept and mopped the floor, so its in a lot better shape as well.

I had eggs (1 whole, 3 egg whites), spinach, toast with Naturally More peanut butter. I just finished a salad for lunch w/ leftover salmon, strawberries, shredded carrots, parmesan cheese and a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was really good. Not sure what we’re having for dinner, but I will limit my snacks to one after dinner. Also not sure if I’m going running this afternoon or tonight. Right now I’m feeling like a nap, but so far K2 hasn’t gone down for his so that probably won’t happen.

My dear, dear husband, sucker for all animals except cats, has found one of his dream dogs today. A puppy. All white, female, supposedly adorable. He won’t tell me what kind it is. And he swears if I let him get this dog, he’ll give the dogs baths, he’ll take them for walks, he’ll cut their nails. All the promises he’s been making me for the 5 years we’ve owned Cloud. Like the proverbial kid that tells their parents, “but I won’t do it THIS time!” I’m skeptical, of course. But this owner will I guess take a gun in exchange for a dog instead of the 900-1000 he’s asking. *!* And K has a gun, and he wants this dog that bad. I get tired of being the bad guy. I want him to be happy. But I told him, if he doesn’t do what he says he will (monthly baths, walks at least 3x/week, cutting nails), I will GET. RID. OF. BOTH. OF. THEM. And I mean it. I’m sick of it.

Long story short, we might have another dog by the end of the day. A puppy. That pees. In the house. Ugh.

Well, I’m off to be the meany and make my 2-yo take a nap. He’s going to be upset. But I’m not ready for him to go to a no-nap status. Not by far.

I’m already looking forward to my snack this afternoon. Already trying to decide what I want more, a Larabar, a bowl of yogurt w/ berries & granola. A Snickers (I have one way up on top of the cupboards). Haven’t decided yet. Going to put it off as long as possible so that I’m hungry and so that it is closer to dinner. Yesterday I snacked almost all day long – gotta get back on a schedule and find different things to do besides munch.


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