A Good Manic Monday

August 10, 2009 at 6:46 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Probably not manic at all by most people’s standards. Sum-up –

P’s meet and greet at her kindergarten.
Cleaning (vacuuming first level of house after picking up everything off the floor, master bathtub, putting away two loads of laundry)
Feeding kids lunch
Feeding myself lunch
Going out for two hours with good friend to antique/flea market place that she loves
Following K over to his sister’s house with the kids to take his BIL’s truck back (been using it since Friday for landscaping)
Driving back home, K left for work
Making dinner, feeding kids & myself
Now sitting here

Its been a good day. I might get stressed out about days that are going to be especially busy, but I almost always feel more fulfilled after a busy day than after a lazy-do-nothing day. P’s meet and greet went well. She’s super-excited to go to school on Thursday, and I feel better knowing that I get to take her in on the first day instead of just driving by and dropping her off. I enjoyed my afternoon with my friend, even if the antique place isn’t somewhere I’m dying to visit again. She also picked Sonic Slushes as our treat, which I totally could have passed up…. but didn’t. She bought, they were $.50, and I drank it. I didn’t want to disappoint her – but I probably could have sneakily not drank it all. Oh well.

I also enjoyed the time I spent folding clothes, because it gave me an excuse to watch some TV upstairs by myself. šŸ™‚ K spent most of the afternoon clearing the backyard of the weeds the boys pulled on Saturday before he had to give the truck back.

I was down to 191 this morning, even after the treats I had at Mom’s house last night and after I got home (some chocolate). I’m not taking that to mean I can eat like I did yesterday every day – I think it just means that an occasional high-calorie night can help a little with weight loss. But only occasionally. Today eats have been pretty good – I’m satisfied with my intake, aside from feelingĀ a little weak for drinking that slush even though I didn’t like it that much. Tonight after dinner instead of a later snack I ate a couple of the chocolate covered macadamia treats that my SIL gave me when we dropped off the truck (they just got back from an anniversary trip to HI). So I won’t be eating anything else tonight. So its a good thing its a running night – after I run I’m always just super-thirsty.

Tomorrow is an office day. My last office day that won’t haveĀ a rush around to get P from kindergarten before I go. I also only have two days left of getting to sleep in until after 8 AM. So I gotta keep working on my bedtime hours. She’s also going to have ‘homework’ every day, but I’m looking forward to that because it will give me a guided way to spend good quality time with her.

K told me about a 5K in Fountain on Sept 5 and I’m thinking about doing it. It is $25 to register. I’ve asked my little brother if he could come back from Utah and do it with me, but I’m not sure if he can or not. He hasn’t responded to my text yet. I’d have to start training a little outside again, at least once or twice a week I think would do it until maybe the week of the race.


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