I love Sundays

August 9, 2009 at 4:11 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Church almost always leaves me feeling good and spiritually fed. We have a little family time – usually a meal – before K and K2 go down for naps. P and I spend the afternoon together, sometimes we nap, too. Often we go to my parents’ for dinner, and K doesn’t have to work a full night. And, its my only day off from exercising. 🙂

But I can’t take it off from eating well!! Because I weighed in at 191.5 this morning!! Hallelujah for breaking through plateaus!! I told you about the capris I wore yesterday for the first time. Today, I wore a skirt that I bought shortly after P was born that I haven’t been able to wear for over 2 years. So cute and summery colors – and it went perfectly with my new cream/goldy shoes! Adorable peep-toe, sling-back wedges. Love, love, love me some wedge heels!!

My lesson went pretty well today. The sisters contributed a lot with their comments, and I feel like we were all edified (hope). A relatively new member of our ward commented a couple times, and I was so happy that she was moved to speak up! She’s usually pretty quiet and I don’t remember her ever commenting in my class before today, so I’m glad she’s starting to feel that comfortable. The kids went to their respective classes with no fussing, which is always a huge plus.

P and I spent the afternoon quietly so far. We painted her toenails the same color I painted mine last night – a fun bright hot pink that I’m LOVING. We also spent some time making a paper princess mobile (read, I made it while she commented, too complicated for her little fingers) from a princess cut-out book I bought her last week. We also made her one of the pop-out tiaras, which she did help me decorate for her and then I pinned it into her hair. K2 didn’t sleep very long, if at all. He started crying at about 3:15 and when I went up to get him I found that he’d dumped all his toys and blankets out of his crib. So I’m not sure he ever actually slept.

We’ll be leaving soon to go to Monument for dinner at my parents’ house. K made blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon after church for a lunch-breakfast. I enjoyed it and ate my fill, which I allow myself to do at one meal on Sundays. So tonight at Mom’s I’ll keep the potatoes to a 1/2 cup max and stick to the meat and veggies. I also had a yogurt/berry/sugar-free choco powder for a snack. Since I only had an apple for breakfast before church, I feel like the big breaklunch just filled in that gap.

Tomorrow is P’s meet-and-greet for kindergarten and I might try and get together with a friend of mine from 2-4. I haven’t talked to K about that yet since he was kind of grumpy this morning before church due to being extra-tired.


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