Going to try and be quick – its 10:00 PM and I still have a lot to do!

August 8, 2009 at 10:15 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

I just got done working out. Tempo2 8 reps for the third time this week. I did Tempo2 T, Th, and tonight, and I ran Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 35 minutes and then did some planks and pushups.

The workout tonight came after a day of walking around stores with my mom, and for part of the day, the kids. While K was working on the yard at home, we went to acquire P’s school supplies and uniforms. Just so happens that after a full day of shopping, I also got her shoes and ….. myself 3 pairs of shoes as well. Yippee!!! New shoes!!! I wore the new runners to do T-Tapp tonight, I’ll let you know how they do for running but they’re good so far.

Like I said, K was at home working on the yard. First, yesterday I came home from going to Harry Potter in the theater (By myself, love doing that) to find a driveway of sod-rolls and trees in pots. By 7 PM, we had a front  yard full of new tree and new sod, after much work on K’s, mine, and his mother and stepdad’s part. Okay, his stepdad mostly observed, but we love him anyway. He didn’t sign up for yard-work, if I were him I wouldn’t jump right in either. Anyway, our front yard looks GREAT! What a wonderful thing. Then, today, K paid a couple of young men that he knows to come and spend a few hours weeding in our backyard, so today while K was working on getting our sprinklers set up (my dad came with my mom to spend time figuring out the disconnect between the program controller in the garage and the sprinkler box out in the backyard), the boys were in the backyard making some good headway. It isn’t quite as daunting now to feasibly get the backyard in good shape by the winter time. YAY!!

And shopping while this is happening!! !YAYAY!!!!

My feet were very tired from all the walking today, but I still wanted to workout. Because .. in other news……

This morning when I was trying to find something to wear, I tried a pair of size 16, wide-leg capris that I bought 3 years ago from Walmart and HAVE NEVER WORN. Tags still on ’em. AND THEY FIT!!! No muffin top or anything – I looked GREAT! And then, I put on a shirt that is a LARGE that I haven’t been able to wear in a couple years! !!!! The capris were navy and the shirt was yellow. And I felt great. I’ve been at a new low of 193 for the past couple days, and I’m feeling really good. I’m enjoying my current regime of Tapping and running, and I have been eating well – spurred on by the pound off and the clothes getting looser.

But, this is me, trying to be quick and brief. To do still tonight. Shower – I’m sweaty!! Paint my toenails – borrowed a fabulous hot pink OPI color from my SIL!! Prepare my lesson – ARGH should have done before now!! Get sleep. ‘Nuff said.


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