Uplifted by some fantabulous people

August 6, 2009 at 9:56 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

So Tuesday night, I decided to mix it up a little and do a T-Tapp workout instead of setting up the treadmill. Usually, I’m so addicted to my TV shows that I can’t imagine watching Teresa Tapp for an hour while I sweat instead of one of my DVR-d shows. But after posting my “frustrated” post Tuesday and putting the kids to bed, I chose to “push play” as they say on the T-Tapp forums. I did Tempo2 8 reps – it takes almost exactly 49 minutes. I told myself I just had to do the requisite 30 minutes to fulfill my end of the family competition, but when I got to 30 minutes I was feeling so good and sweaty and energized that I decided to keep going. What was 19 more minutes after all?

And I sure felt great when I got done. So great, that instead of settling in to cool off while watching TV I turned off the boob-tube and sat down in front of the computer to go visit the T-Tapp forums again. It had been a long time. And I was feeling so inspired that I actually de-lurked to post some comments about my frustrations, how great I felt after doing a T-Tapp workout, and my hopes for my weight loss. Well, WOW, I had certainly forgotten how FABULOUS the folks over at the T-Tapp forums are! So supportive, caring, and encouraging. At the same time being thought-provoking and helpful with ideas and suggestions! I was overwhelmed over the next day how many great and uplifting responses were made to my post. I only hope that as I continue to renew my lurkage at the forum that I can sometimes have something as helpful to say to someone there – pay it forward so to speak.

After feeling so marvelous after my tapping workout, I decided to start doing more T-Tapp. I’m still going to run, I’m still going to lift, but I also want to do T-Tapp. I mean, you can FEEL yourself FEELING skinnier while you’re doing it! Not to say you’re always getting skinnier on the spot, but it makes you feel taller, more in control, and like you’ve done something really good for your body. Running does that, but in a totally different way. I’m not explaining it very well, but T-Tapp is great and I’d forgotten that with my obsession with running. I sweat A LOT when I run, but I sweat in a different way with T-Tapp – though just as much. I mean, literally dripping with it.

I’ve started skin brushing again and I hope to be pretty consistent with doing that right before my post-workout shower. So far, Wednesday night I ran for 35 minutes of intervals, some planks and full push-ups (I’m really trying to strengthen my core), and then I did Tempo2 again tonight. I looked forward to Tempo2 all day today, and it was nice to not have to set up the treadmill. And after my workout I turned off the telly, I’m writing this post, and then I’m going to go shower and read in bed until I get sleepy.

In the eats department – I’ve made tortillas, green bean soup, tilapia tacos, added pudding to my morning shakes (they’re like dessert) and made pudding and jello for the kids for treats. Eaten a lot of veggies this week and a lot of good food. Also had quite a few sweets. Someone on the forums suggested limiting sweets to a couple times a week – well I could either limit them to office days or just quit my job again, because good grief. Today it was a huge chocolate chocolate chip cookie that called my name until I wanted to scream STOPITSTOPITSTOPIT! Instead I ate it. But I only had two little chocolates from the jars and then my yogurt snack.

Tonight after work I ended up eating dinner with the kids at my MIL and SIL’s house. We grilled burgers and I had mine with some cheese on top of my salad w/ a hard boiled egg and a grilled zuchinni that I’d brought to contribute. No bun, no orzo. A few lima beans. And since dinner was later than usual and I’d had enough sugar at the office I haven’t had an evening snack.

Weighed in at 194.5 this morning. Haven’t been below 195 in weeks, so that felt good. Might have pushed myself back up today with the sugar this afternoon. Tomorrow will consist of swimming lessons (last day – fun day), either helping K landscape the front yard (sod and new tree) or going to a movie by myself. Obviously I should help him & that would be nice and active ….. we’ll see where I end up. 🙂 I want to see Harry Potter while its still in theaters! ….

Wednesday afternoon I ended up taking the kids to the park right in the heat of midday. They had fun, got a little wiped out from the heat, and it was more active that staying indoors. Today they both got plenty of action with swimming lessons, hanging out with Daddy, buying new bikes (P’s is supposed to be her b-day present early – a Princess bike with training wheels  – SO cute!), playing at Grandma’s, etc.

This is long and rambling and not necessarily in chronological order. Summed up, I’m feeling better and a little more optimistic about my weight loss plans. Hopeful, and realizing that I just have to keep plugging away at being healthy. There’s no end to this road in sight so I might as well enjoy myself instead of miring myself down in couldashouldawoulda’s and guilt. I’m going to try to envision stepping on the scale and the feeling I’ll have when it says 189 when I want to do something that isn’t good for me, like eat way too much of something because it tastes good. And when I get to 189 and I feel that awesome feeling, I’ll start envisioning 185. 🙂

Over and out – gonna shower and read.


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