Feeling Frustrated

August 4, 2009 at 7:05 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates, Weight Loss)

I can’t decide if this is one of those “I’m frustrated with my plan because it isn’t working anymore (because I’m not applying it as religiously as I was” or if its a “I’m frustrated because my plan just isn’t working anymore” moments. Either way, I’m frustrated and discouraged. I’m stuck between 195 and 198 and I can’t seem to find it in me to 1) cut out all treats, 2) count calories again, 3) exercise more than an hour and 15 minutes 6 days a week.

So, I’m left daydreaming about diet pills. Having read about 8 Oxygen magazines in the past couple weeks, I’ve seen a lot of ads for them. And I just have no idea if I believe the hype. Though part of me wants to, of course. I KNOW I don’t want to take some of them, because I’ve tried them in the past. And others I’m just left wondering if they could give me an extra edge to overcome some of my issues. I don’t know, and I have no answers for this post.

I’ve had too much sugar today. I’ve also had some very healthy food today. If I work out hard tonight (which I intend to do as much as my tweaked back will let me), I’ll probably come out at about 196 tomorrow morning. I’m keeping up with my end of the family competition and am still only 1 night’s binge into the pot (=$10). The competition has made me walk for at least 30 minutes on a couple of nights when I wouldn’t have otherwise moved a muscle other than to work the remote control. So that’s good. Its also kept me out of the kitchen on a few nights when all I wanted to do was eat.

But the day time is still a challenge. Especially on my office days. I just wish I could ask the chocolate jar people to put the jars away on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons!! Would that be totally uncool? I think I’m actually going to consider it…..I’ll let you know if I work up the guts and what I would say. “Hey, I’m on a diet, and I’m a weak-willed wuss that can’t leave your jar of chocolate alone when I’m here twice a week. Can you put it on your calendar to put away your jar of chocolate on Tues and Thurs afternoons? Or I could remind you as soon as I get here each day?” I can see this conversation in my head and I feel like an idiot even considering it.

I have three months left until I’ve told my husband we can start trying for another baby. I want another child in our family. That’s roughly 90 days. If I kicked it up a notch and did a huge program for that long, how much could I lose? To put me in safe territory for gaining 30 pounds with a pregnancy and not hitting 200 again? I was going to have my SIL put me on a program, but if I got the guts to call her (I’m such a wimp for phones I even have to work myself up to call relatives) it would have to be next week because she’s celebrating her 5-year anniversary in Hawaii this week. Yay for her.

Today was ok. Got a couple things done this morning before work, including taking P to swimming lessons. She has two more days of those. Managed to make a good dinner and get some zuchinni in the kids by using the crock pot. Will work out tonight though my whole body is aching with fatigue.

Is it possible to NOT lose weight because of TOO MUCH sleep? I have been getting about 8-9 hours typically. Is that too much? Because I don’t feel rested when I wake up.

Well, I think I’ve managed to complain about most everything. Guess I’ll shut up. This is not going to be the day when I’m one of those inspirational and uplifting bloggers. 🙂


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  1. notathingirl said,

    I wish you the best in losing the weight. I don’t think you can ever have too much sleep. Well i wish I at least had more. I’m also struggling to loose weight. I’ve lost about 80 pounds already, I’m 180 with 50 to go. But I have too found myself eyeballing diet pills, but it’s so not worth it. I have just been side tracked. I found your post through tag surfer on wordpress. If you want to check out my blog it’s notathingirl.wordpress.com

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