Thursday night

July 30, 2009 at 7:03 pm (General Life Updates)

Today was largely just normal. Took P to swimming lessons, came home and got ready for work. K took me to work today, which I always enjoy because I get to be with him and the kids for that much longer. I worked. There was no chocolate available so I kept my eats under pretty good check. K picked me up from work and we drove north to get the monthly check and then drove over to the bank to cash it.

K wanted pizza, so he ordered that up and I didn’t have the energy to make myself something more healthy. I had 3 pieces of pizza and a cup of milk. And I just had some yogurt for dessert. We’ll see if that’s all I eat tonight before my workout. Been working out hard – and I’ve been staying at 195. Haven’t gone below. Getting kind of frustrated but trying to remind myself that I’ve been having treats every day, even if they’re my allowed snacks. So I’ve got to give it time. Today I’m wearing a pair of pants that my mother bought me a couple months ago and they are baggy. So I think I’ve been losing inches even since I stopped losing pounds about 2 months ago.

Last night I seriously considered trying weight-loss supplements again, though I don’t know which I’d try. I had some Lipo 6 in the cupboard so I got those down but they seem to have gone rancid so I tossed them out. I didn’t think they worked anyway (no offense meant to Lipo 6, I just didn’t feel like they worked for me). I’m still debating it today (taking something), and if I had a lot of money at my disposal I almost certainly would take something. As it is, I’m not sure I can afford it, especially considering how much trial and error there is in finding something that lives up to its hype.

In other news, I’m IN LOVE with Google Reader. How come I haven’t tried it before? I read so many blogs, and just clicking through my saved Favorites to see if my favorite bloggers have written anything new takes time, especially when they haven’t written anything. Now I don’t have to! Google Reader TELLS me!! Love, love, love it. Showed K, and he tried to be enthusiastic for me, even though he doesn’t really care. 🙂


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