Summer’s almost over

July 28, 2009 at 10:53 am (General Life Updates)

I can’t believe P starts kindergarten in a little over 2 weeks!! I have a mandatory show meeting tomorrow – where I BETTER find out about school supplies, if she is morning or afternoon, etc. Not knowing those things is driving me crazy.

The kids have decided to start sleeping in even later this week again. Both yesterday and today I’ve had to wake P up at 9 when I’ve gotten up so that we could get ready for swimming lessons. She rarely has slept past 8:30 for a while, so this is kind of weird to me. Maybe its the swimming that’s making her extra tired? The swimming lessons are going well so far; only two days but she already made a big improvement from yesterday to today. Yesterday she didn’t say a word during her lesson, she didn’t crack a smile, and she scowled a lot because the 5 boys in her class were crowding her. Yes, what are the chances that there wouldn’t be another girl in her class??? Argh!! Anyway, we had a positive discussion about it yesterday after class, about how she’s had boys that are friends and its no biggie that there aren’t girls, that her teachers are girls so that’s great, that she enjoys being in the water, and that she can answer her teachers with more than a nod or shake of the head, but actually respond out loud. Today she actually spoke – maybe not a lot, but I saw her talking to her teachers. She smiled a lot, and she put her face underwater twice, once with help and once by herself. So tomorrow we’re going to focus on putting her head all the way under when she’s asked to do it. I just want her to keep enjoying herself – so far so good.

Had really good eats yesterday. Going to do great again today. Have to go to the office – but I’m prepared. I’m back down to my low of 195, where I’ve been struggling to stay but haven’t gone under. Considering that yesterday I “lost” 2.5 pounds, though, I hope its coming. I started my TOM Sunday night so I think I was bloated yesterday, but I always have better control when I’m on my period than right before anyway.

Went grocery shopping with a budget yesterday and I managed to buy pretty much everything on my list. A lot of healthy food in the house, though we’re a little lacking in fresh veggies right now.

I’m still making nightly lists of t0-dos for the next day along with a menu for my meals for the day. I think it helps a lot.

Well, I have to go get ready for work. Running behind – just got done with my breakfast while typing this since I didn’t have time to eat before P’s swimming lesson. So now I only have about 40 minutes to get ready for work, but that’ll do I guess.


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