No night-time binging, but the day-time eats haven’t been stellar

July 25, 2009 at 11:32 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Yesterday was a good day. But weird with the eats.

By the time I got to the bank and back to get ready to go swimming with P, I didn’t have time for lunch. We got to the pool at about 12:55 and had to wait for a few minutes until they opened the pool for open swim. Then we went in, stripped down to our swim suits, took quick showers to get wet, and headed into the pool area. P was shaking with cold by this point as we walked to the far side of the pool to get her a life jacket and water noodle. We spent 45 minutes moving around in the water with her practicing floating on her back, kicking her legs, swimming around on her stomach (with help of life jacket and water noodle under arms and chest), and putting her face in the water. It was a lot of fun and I kept her moving enough to stay warm. Once we’d been in for a while, getting out made us cold but getting in was nice and warm. We enjoyed the one-on-one time and I was very pleased with her willingness to try new things in the water.

At about 1:45, we got out to get dried off. We took some quick turns in the warm showers and P got dried off and dressed. I dried off a little and wrapped myself in a towel for the drive home, planning to take a shower and get ready there. Once we got home, we discovered that K2 has never gone down for a nap because K had “tried” and K2 struggled and didn’t want to go down, so K didn’t make him. !!!! Who is in charge here??? K2 never would have gotten away with that with me.  The rest of the day could have been way worse than it was due to him not having a nap. As it was, it was just marginally rougher than normal.

Since K had been entertaining K2 the whole time P and I were gone, he hadn’t taken a shower and gotten ready, so we both quickly got ready and dressed to go meet my parents at 3 for dinner at Famous Dave’s BBQ. We got there right on time, and I was just really happy to be there. Happy to be with my kids and my hubby and my parents. We had a nice meal – I got a salad but wasn’t thrilled with it. But I ate most of it and for once I remembered to get the dressing on the side, and I only used about a tablespoon’s worth of the bowl they gave me. The kids did ok on their meals, if not great. I had a few of their french fries and 2 cornbread muffins (YUM!) to add to my salad.

After dinner, we parted ways from K and went with my parents. They were having a canning event at their church building and they’d ordered us some wheat for food storage since they didn’t really need anything for themselves but wanted to participate. So I went to “help” can the wheat. We hung out at their house for about an hour – grandma and P “playing” tennis in the backyard. Which basically means they were trying to hit a tennis ball to each other and they rarely connected so most of the time was spent chasing the balls around. K2 got progressively more hyper as he got more tired. Occasionally fussy, but happy as long as he could run around like a crazy person.

We went over to the church building and quickly canned 9 cans of wheat for me to take home. We sampled the homemade WW bread w/honey, some choc chip cookies, and apple chips (so good!). We also got to take a loaf of the bread with us, which was awesome. Its really good! The kids kind of ran around, ate some goodies, and generally got underfoot. K2 seemed to think the slipper gym floor (sometimes with flour on it from people canning flour) was great, and he ran around slipping and sliding on purpose. After we finished, no one really needed any help, so we headed out back to my parents’ house because Mom had something she wanted to show me that she’d forgotten earlier. Basically a box of stuff that she wasn’t sure if it was mine or my sister’s. Turns out it was almost all my sister’s, so she’ll have to ask A if she wants it.

Then my parents took us home – just in time to get ready for bed. Especially since K2 manic-boy was so exhausted.

After the kids were in bed, I worked out. Since I’d had quite a few snacks at the canning event and a Dove ice cream bar at my parents’, but other than that just 2 meals of the day, I wasn’t sure if I was fighting a high-calorie day or a low-calorie day. That’s what I get. Anyway, I ran for 45 minutes which was pretty hard since I haven’t been going for that long for a few weeks. Then I did 3 sets of upper body weights.

I ended up staying up until 12, cooling off, taking a shower, reading a book. And then I didn’t get up until 9:30 this morning.

It is now 11:30 and I would like to work out this afternoon since K isn’t going to work tonight and he wants to take the family to Casa Bonita up in Denver for dinner and to get our caricatures drawn (a family and one of K2; we already have individuals of P and us). He wants to do something as a family, and since he got an advance yesterday that’s what he’s decided on. I’m thinking if I’m not too exhausted when we get back from Denver tonight I’ll go grocery shopping since I don’t want to wait until Monday (I don’t shop on Sundays) to get a few of the things on my list that we’ve run out of. Of course, K might not like that idea – he’s probably wanting to hang out just the two of us since we never get to do that in the evenings. Or ever. So maybe the grocery shopping can wait until Monday.

Oh, my title. What I mean is I haven’t been binging and I’ve been working out every day because of the contest, but other than getting in produce every day my eats haven’t been stellar all week. I haven’t really lost any new weight. I need to step it up if I’m going to go back to LOSING. The improvements forced by the contest are a good start, but they’re not enough to actually lose.


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