I was right

July 24, 2009 at 10:18 am (Uncategorized)

I did have another crash that made if harder to work out. After putting K2 down for the night, P asked if she could play with my hair while she watched her night-time cartoon. I LOVE it when she plays with my hair. Usually on weeknights I tell her no because I need to get started on my workout. But last night I knew my workout was going to be weak, so I let her play with my hair for about 15 minutes – which almost put me to sleep.

But I have a contest going on, and I can’t afford to pay $10 just because I’m sleepy and feeling lazy. So I got up off the bed (I was laying down while she played with my hair because she said trying to reach my head while I was sitting up was hurting her back), changed my bra and my shirt (already had on my workout shoes and pants), and headed downstairs. I did 32 minutes on the treadmill, which filled my daily quota. But I kept it at a brisk walk – no jogging. And I didn’t do any weights after. My heart rate got up, but not that far, and I didn’t sweat much at all. Pretty wimpy all around, but it was still good for me to do that walking so I’m glad I did it. And if it hadn’t been for the contest I wouldn’t have done it. I would have binged. Because that’s really what I was in the mood to do. So I had a 100-cal pack of kennel corn and left it at that. Once again, couldn’t afford to binge and pay $10. Plus there isn’t much in the house to binge on anyway. 🙂

Up to 197 this morning – but I figured something like that would happen. I’m not worried about it, but I’m certainly going to try and do better today. Going out to eat this afternoon with my parents for K’s celebration dinner, and I’m going to pick something marginally healthy, hopefully they’ll have a salad that appeals. And I need to remember to ask for dressing on the side. Also going swimming for about 40 minutes this afternoon with P at the pool where her lessons are being held next week so she can get used to it. Looking forward to it, but its going to be a time crunch to do that and get home & ready to get to the restaurant.

Had a yummy shake this morning – but it was sans spinach since my whole container of spinach seems to have gone bad extremely fast. Disappointing since I can’t afford to buy more right now.


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