Thursday, July 23rd

July 23, 2009 at 10:41 am (General Life Updates)

Yesterday was pretty busy. I made a big double batch of snickerdoodles in the morning and then took them over to my friends’ house for her to use for the Young Women activity last night. I hope they liked them; I sampled a couple and they tasted pretty good to me. đŸ™‚ Of course, they had sugar in them, so of course they tasted good to me.

In the afternoon I did some chores around the house, helped K get his resume updated, and read some magazines that my SIL lent me. K got home 2 hours later than he said he would, and he maintained radio silence that whole time. So by the time he got home I was pretty irritated – not that he was so late but that he hadn’t kept his phone with him so I could get a hold of him and know what was going on. Because I had realized that the b-day party I was supposed to take P to was at the same time K was leaving for work, and OH YEAH, we only have one car. Sheesh. How I didn’t make that connection 4 days ago, I have no idea. It worked out that K took us to the park where the party was being held and dropped us off, and then someone there gave us a ride home. We were prepared to walk (I brought the double stroller); its only about a mile from our house. But it started raining so I’m glad someone was kind enough to bring us home.

The party was at 5:30, and I hadn’t planned any dinner because I’d assumed (wrongly) that there would be something to eat at the party since it was right in the middle of dinner hour. Wrong! Just cake. So after my kids had a huge sugar rush from having cake for dinner, when we got home I fed them some more balanced snacks before we took baths (they got really sandy at the park playing in the sand volleyball area) and got ready for bed.

Then I worked out. It was a late start and someone came by with something for K in the middle of my run, so there were some pauses in the workout. But it was nice and long, trying to compensate for the cookies and cake, and DECADENT shake I’d had for dinner after the b-day party. I got a little carried away, and added milk, protein powder, peanut butter, a chocolate FF pudding and a whole banana. It was REALLY good, but it was pretty high calorie. Add that the cookies I’d sampled and the cake at the b-day party (I ate a piece that was basically the tower of the ‘castle’ made of a small sugar cone and hoho covered in frosting), it was kind of a sugar-filled day.

Thankfully, the long workout at least kept me at yesterday morning’s weight – back down to 195. Now that I’ve re-lost the 4 pounds that I lost last month (and a few times since then) I REALLY want to keep going DOWN, not UP then down. There isn’t anything junky in the house (though we do need some groceries), and I don’t think there are any b-days or cookie-making favors in my near future. I’m still excited about the contest, and so far haven’t had to pay anything to contest costs. I’ve had a workout every day this week, fresh produce more than once every day, and no binges.

I’ve been making a list of to-do every night for the next day along with a menu for the next day as well. Its been helping a lot to make sure I get a few things done each day – feeling nice and productive!

Today I have done a couple basic chores (unloaded dishwasher, started a couple loads of laundry that I’ll put away tonight, swept kitchen), and now I have to go get ready for the office. Tonight I hope to take the kids to the park after dinner if it isn’t raining. And workout.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to take P to swim at the pool where her swimming lessons are taking place next week, then we’re meeting my parents at Dave’s BBQ at 3 PM for a celebratory dinner for a big goal K just accomplished last week. Saturday, we’re going to Rodizio Grill up in Denver with K’s family. That’ll be a HIGH calorie dinner so I’ll need to eat to plan for that on Saturday.

Okay, I’m off!


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