Wanted: Challenge/Goal

July 16, 2009 at 10:36 am (Plan)

I’ve joined a challenge over at Prior Fat Girl to only drink water for the rest of this month. But my biggest challenge to accomplish that is simply going to be remembering. I’m such a mindless eater that often I’m eating or drinking something before I’ve really thought it through. I think at work today I’m going to make a sign for the fridge as a reminder – JUST WATER. But if I can just remember, I really don’t drink much BUT water anymore. I rarely drink milk, soda, juice. And I never drink coffee or tea. So it shouldn’t be too hard – just have to remember.

With this challenge I’ve realized something. I need more challenge. Something to work toward besides just “losing weight”. I didn’t work out last night, and once again I was trolling for stuff to eat. I can’t seem to take a night off from working out without automatically assuming I’m going to binge as an alternative activity. Now, last night would have been much worse if we had much in the house worth binging on, but we don’t. As it was, I had to really brainstorm to think of things to overeat. How messed up is that?

When I was preparing for my 5K, I wasn’t perfect. But knowing that definitive, measurable goal was looming in front of me really helped me to stay on track with healthier decisions. And after the race, I fell apart. Add vacation to that equation and I’m lucky isn’t wasn’t worse than it was.

I want another goal to work toward. A challenge with a definite end (not end to trying to be healthier, just something with a defined date when I ACCOMPLISH it). And really, I need to have another challenge/goal lined up after that so that I keep trucking. I’m bouncing between 199 and 195, and I’m staying there. I’m ok with my body re-calibrating to adjust to losing 35 pounds, but I also don’t want to stop losing weight for very long just because I can’t seem to get it together for more than a day or two in a row.

Now with all this said, I’m not sure where to get one of these goal-thingies. 🙂 Should it just be some arbitrary thing I pick for myself with a due date? Should it be some challenge from a blog somewhere? Should it be another race? There aren’t really any races around here that are jumping out at me in the next couple months. I’d pick an event, but there aren’t any big events coming up in my life. I mean other than my daughter going to kindergarten, and the kids’ birthdays this fall, and those don’t seem like big weight loss events to me. We don’t have any exotic vacations coming up, no weddings. Our 6th anniversary is in October, but I have a hard time associating anything to do with my husband with weight loss; he thinks I’m sexy and wonderful just as I am.

I know I don’t have many readers – I’m not sure any are actually regulars or just stumbling upon my blog for a one-time read. But if anyone’s reading this – any ideas?????


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