I had an idea…I think its a good one, and I’m excited about it

July 16, 2009 at 6:04 pm (Plan)

This is the email I wrote to my brother about my brilliant idea today. The only problem with this idea is its not a one person show. If he doesn’t want to to do it, I don’t know anyone else in person that would. Cross your fingers….

“Basic Idea (we can complicate it with details later if you think it is valid):
We each set 2 or 3 (or more) measurable goals (i.e. exercise X days a week, no binging at night (for me), no extra snacks 6 out of 7 days, dinners all week include fresh produce, etc.)

We honestly keep track of each goal each week (should be weekly goals I think, even if based on daily efforts).

Every time we DON’T accomplish a goal, we owe money to the other person. For example, if I set a goal to not binge at night and I binge 2 times that week, I owe you for each time I binge – maybe $10 for each infraction. Ideally, NEITHER of us would make any money because we want each other to keep our goals. PLUS, knowing when we mess up we’re going to not only be hurting ourselves health-wise, BUT we’re going to owe money on top of it…… get the idea?

The details of the goals are still working out in my head. I say if it is a goal to NOT do something (like binge) then we owe every time we DO that something. If it is a goal to DO something, then we just owe once if we don’t accomplish (for example if we have a goal to work out 6 times a week and we only work out 4 times we owe one set sum for that whole week – OR I guess we could do an amount for each time we fall short, like in that case we’d owe $10 two times because we were two workouts short.)

Okay, I could keep giving examples, but then we’d go for a month or two months, tracking and reporting to each other weekly, and then at a set date we’d do 2 things 1) evaluate our goals and hopefully UP them to make it more challenging for ourselves and to keep progressing and improving our health, and 2) PAY UP. 🙂

Don’t leave me hanging bro – I think this is brilliant. Because since money is always tight, it wouldn’t be some arbirtray amount like we owe whomever loses the most weight fastest some big lump sum. Sometimes you can’t control how fast your body loses weight no matter how hard you try.

Okay, what do you think?????? Don’t wait 2 months to email me back on this because I’m really excited. And you’re the only person I know personally that wants to lose weight and is willing to DO something about it – everyone else I just know on the internet. 🙂

……..I’m waiting……..


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