Giveaway over at Prior Fat Girl

July 15, 2009 at 8:51 am (General Life Updates)

Jennifer at Prior Fat Girl is having a giveaway for a subscription to Health Magazine. Go check out her great blog!

I read a lot of blogs almost every day. I don’t have a blogroll here because I had one with some personal links (links to relatives’ blogs), and I decided I didn’t want my relatives to somehow find this blog so I took it down. My reasons for not wanting my family to read my blog are simple – this is my journal and sometimes my relatives are in it. I don’t use names and I don’t talk smack about my family, but it just feels weird to have my family reading my journal. I’ve considered many times that perhaps I shouldn’t put my journal online if I don’t want my family to read it, but I enjoy the accessibility and format of blogging. I also enjoy the community. Anyway, at some point I should make a blogroll of all the blogs I read, sans family links, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. In the meantime I’ll probably continue to link to contests and giveaways on other blogs.


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