Elitch’s, Cheesecake Factory, SprayGround, Nap

July 14, 2009 at 8:29 pm (General Life Updates)

I guess the title sums up the highlights of the past couple days. 🙂 But I want to record more detail than that. Six years ago, I went to Elitch’s with my soon-to-be sisters-in-law, my husband’s two sisters. I have surprisingly little memory of that day, though I know we had a great time. We didn’t know each other really well, and the lines for the rides consisted of them asking me questions and trying to figure out if I was going to work out for their brother, toward whom they feel protective. And rightly so…. all that aside, I want to record some memories from yesterday so that six years from now when I don’t remember the small details I can come back and read about it and have it all come back to me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t keeping an electronic journal 6 years ago, nor was I blogging, not that I’m really a “blogger” now.


My SILs picked the kids and I up at about 8:20. The kids knew we were going and K2 especially was anxious to “Doe”, or “go”. It was all I could do to keep him happy while we waited, but I was grateful to be ready early rather than late. We loaded the kids into my older SIL’s new Yukon and headed north, stopping to pick up some breakfast burritos and some juice. I tried to share my yummy burrito with the kids, but eventually it started dripping oil in my lap (so glad I got that towel out so it got “oiled” and not my pants), so I put it away in a Teddy Graham box while the kids munched from the bag of crackers. We continued north to my parents’ house and dropped off the kids, borrowed a couple towels since one of my SILs forgot to bring one, and my SILs got to see my parents’ new granite counters and tile backsplash.

We arrived at about 10:15 at the park, and after worrying about a couple of their favorite slides that didn’t look to be working, through parking, entering the park, taking off our outerwear, and finally finding a worker that knew what was happening, we got to business having fun. My SIL asked everyone she possibly could about those slides that weren’t working, and no one knew what was going on until a lifeguard finally told her that those particular rides don’t open until 11. Phew. Without going into a play-by-play that wouldn’t be very entertaining or necessary, here are my favorite highlights from the day:

My older SIL scrambling around in the bottom of the tube on the ride where we could all go together, first because she had a wedgie and couldn’t get it out, then because she lost a flip-flop and didn’t want it to fall out of the tube. But we’re zooming down the slide, swooshing around corners, getting splashed, and I swore at one point I thought she was going to flop right out of our tube. She didn’t hold on until the very end when she finally sat up, she was on her back in the bottom for most of the way down, and we were all laughing at her so hard we could barely breathe. We went on that ride a total of 3 times I think, and would have done it again if it hadn’t started raining at about 1:30.

Getting over my fear enough to do the toilet bowl tube ride, where you basically fall down a tube into a giant toilet bowl that swirls you around and then flushes you out the bottom. One SIL went first, and she screamed/yelled just to freak me out (she’s not a yeller or a screamer). Then, a worker needed to get down so she went down the slide before me, and after my SIL’s teasing me about being scared within their hearing range and them (the workers) trying to reassure me that it was nothing, SHE screamed nice and loud. It was definitely scary to drop down the tube, but the “toilet bowl” part of the ride was very non-scary and slow and fun. That was the last ride we went on because it started raining while we were waiting to go down.

Zooming down the 5 green slides that all have the same line. We went three times so we could each try each type of slide – all closed, half closed, and all open. I enjoyed all of those a lot – none of them were scary enough to make me nervous or have to work myself up to riding.

When it started raining, we got changed as they kicked everyone out of the water and closed down the rides until the weather cleared. We showered and changed out of our suits, though we were sad to be moving out of the water so soon during the day. But we weren’t even sure the weather WOULD clear and that they wouldn’t have to shut the park down. So we left the park to find lunch, and ended up after about 30 minutes (at least it felt like it) driving around, parking and taking the trolley train to the Cheesecake Factory at the 16th Street Mall. It took us a while to figure out what we wanted, but its a good thing because our waiter was HORRIBLE and took forever to come back. I got the Cobb Salad lunch size, which was still huge. L got a chicken sandwich that she was extremely unimpressed with, and F got a Cobb Salad as well. We were going to get dessert, but our waiter took so long to even bring us the menus that we changed our minds, asked someone ELSE to get us our receipts. As we were eating, it finally cleared off a little and we could see blue sky. We took the trolley back to our vehicle and headed back to the park. Which was still open, thank goodness.

The first roller coaster was really hard for me. It was the red one, where your car is a hanging car that your feet dangle out of, and the tracks are over your head. Waiting in line (not bad at all) worked me into a good frenzy of nerves. As we were being cranked up the first steep ascent, L yelled up to me that her restraining bar didn’t feel secure, which I didn’t appreciate at all. Oh, wait, she did that on the second coaster. Anyway, they were all a struggle for me. I always THINK I ended up enjoying them all, but WOW did I have nerves and I screamed a lot. So much that I’m hoarse today. My SILs were patient with me. I definitely didn’t have nerves like that 6 years ago – I’ve changed a lot apparently in more ways than even I realized.

We stayed at the park riding rides until about 7, and then we decided to leave. We had intended to stay until closing at 10, but we were kind of done riding coasters. We probably would have stayed that late if we’d stayed in the water park longer. We headed south to go to Cheesecake Factory again because my younger SIL had fixated on a particular dessert that she’d recommended to us with the slow waiter earlier. We planned to go to the south CF at Park Meadows Mall, but they wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack and F had an errand at the Mac makeup counter in Nordstrom as well. When we finally got to CF, we had a huge shared appetizer that was awesome, with avocado egg rolls (not a favorite), quesadilla, corn cakes (WONDERFUL), shrimp rolls (just okay), burrito bangs and pot stickers (both really good), spinach dip (excellent). Then we had dessert. I ordered cheesecake, but the one that came is not what I thought I was getting. I mentioned that to my unafraid SIL as I took my first bite and she insisted (though she would have let it go if I’d insisted) that I return it and ask for something else that I liked. It was all very awkward and I felt bad, but I was pleased with the result because I ended up with the strawberry shortcake that my other SIL got. And it was SUPER good, though I couldn’t finish it all. I ate about half.

We got to my parents house at about 10:40. The kids were asleep in makeshift pajamas (K2 in his shirt and diaper, and P basically still in her clothes) since I hadn’t packed any not knowing we were going to be so late. We dug them out of their beds and loaded them up and got home as soon as possible. Then I unloaded with one SIL’s help and got the kids to bed by about 11:30.

Long day. Lots of great conversation and laughter with my SILs, something we don’t get to do often. It was a lot of fun, and I hope it doesn’t take us another 6 years to take another day for fun like that, though we might pick a day with no forecasted rain.


Today, the kids slept in. I slept in. I didn’t get to bed until about 1 AM after staying up to talk to K a little when he got home last night. I got up at 10 AM this morning, but only because I remembered right as I woke up that I needed to email work and tell them I wasn’t coming today. My DH was taking his math section of the GED again today, so I will go in tomorrow. P got up at about 10:15, and K2 didn’t wake up until 10:45. Just in time for me to get them both ready to go to the splash park with my SIL’s and their two littlest ones at 11:30.

P has learned some new skills recently (taking a shower by herself, and putting her face underwater) that helped her enjoy the park like she never has before. She did great, going at it without me, leading her little cousin (a year younger than her) and getting nice and soaked. She got cold after a while and sat on the sidelines a little, but she did better than she’s ever done and I was very pleased with her. K2, now, he had a BLAST. He was timid at first, but once he got wet, he was all. over. that. He kept doing this dance where he ran in place and said ‘wawer, wawer!’ He was very adventurous, and tried stuff P would never have tried at almost-2. He’s just so different from her. I wish I could have chased him (I stayed pretty close to him since P was holding on to her cousin and being watched by my SILs and there were TONS of kids) and taken pictures at the same time. Hopefully, I’ll get some from my SIL that stayed on the bench. I’m glad we went, because now I know he loves it and we’ll try to go back often this month. We were there for about an hour. The last little bit, the girls were cold and K2 was fussing a little, so we packed up and headed home.


The rest of the deay has been very low-key. I read a book, P watched some TV, K2 took a long nap starting at 2:10 (unwillingly at first). Around 4, I got so sleepy that I fell asleep on the couch and accidentally slept until 6, rousing only when K left for work. And he passed the GED!! This is exciting news, 6 years in the making for me. He only started showing interest in getting it within the last year or so. And now he has it. So excited and proud of him! This will open so many doors for him, I know it.

In other news, Saturday night K threw his back out. He’s been in huge amounts of pain ever since, basically incapacitated all day Sunday and most of Monday. He tried to work last night but didn’t finish (thank goodness his mom and worker were able to finish). But today he got a call from our contact at our biggest account that certain things are just not satisfactory. Since K hasn’t been there since Friday night, obviously the quality of work isn’t up to par. So he feels like he has to be there for it all tonight. But we’ve got to get him some help. For two days he had to walk with his grandpa’s canes, one on each side. Yesterday, he started researched health insurance, and he might have found a good plan for us today. But we’re going to have to get something started to help him now – he’s walking like an old man, slightly bent over and slow. I feel so helpless. Add this to him being in the hospital for stomach issues and dehydration while I was in Utah and it just feels like he’s being cursed or something.

This post is huge-long. But it is mostly a post to help me remember.


Weight loss isn’t exactly on track. Up 4 pounds today from yesterday, probably from not enough water and too many rich foods last night at CF. Today, I haven’t eaten well, but it also hasn’t been catastrophic. I will exercise tonight, and hopefully get some more fresh produce in the house within the next couple days. Work at the office tomorrow and Thursday won’t help with that, but perhaps I can make an early morning run tomorrow with the kids. I also have to be at the community center at 8 AM tomorrow to register P for swimming lessons.


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