Middle of the week

July 8, 2009 at 3:42 pm (General Life Updates)

I got some stuff done today. It felt good. I should get more done since I have about an hour before my evening plans commence.

Cleaned both bathtubs upstairs and my bathroom floor, dusted the entire house. Swept the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher, took a shower, got dressed, drove to the JP office to pick up a check (they accidentally billed us twice for an invoice), cashed it. On the way home I stopped by Walmart to see if they had any decent swimsuits and to buy a few veggies. Successful on the veggies, unsuccessful on the suit. I need one because I discovered in Utah that my old one is 35 pounds to big and I’m hoping to go to Elitch’s with my SILs this Saturday. But I can’t go unless I can find a suit that won’t come off if I take one to many slides.

After Walmart it was off to Five Star to pick something up for K that he texted me about and then home. I made an egg, spinach, broccoli burrito as a very late lunch (about 3 PM) and now I’m typing this update.

I have more cleaning to do, but it felt good to get started catching up on my cleaning calendar. I was getting overwhelmed with how much of a mess it was around here and feeling like I just couldn’t do it.

Last night I binged after a pretty healthy eating day. Didn’t exercise. Had the treadmill SET UP even, and all my running gear on and then I put it away. Crazy. We did go for a walk though after dinner, so I pushed the kids around for 30 minutes and got at least some movement in.

I wish I had remembered Elitch’s a couple days ago. Nothing like knowing you’re going to be in a swimsuit with your two skinny SILs to motivate some healthy behavior. Its definitely working today. 🙂 But I didn’t remember until my SIL texted me this morning. If I can’t find a suit, I can’t go, but I’ll definitely start making an effort again to look my best. It makes me think I need another goal like another race or an event or something to work towards. I’ll ruminate on that and write about it later.

Better get ready to go – K’s taking us to Monument so we can spend time with a cousin having dinner at my parents’ house. A cousin I haven’t seen in years.


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