July 4th

July 4, 2009 at 1:16 pm (General Life Updates)

It was so good to see K. He came home at about 2 AM the night I got home and we talked and stuff. 🙂 We can’t kiss since I have a huge cold sore (gross), but we managed. 😉 Yesterday morning he was off at work until 11:30, but then he got to see the kids. We just relaxed for most of the day, and then when he woke up from his nap we went grocery shopping. And how. Spent way too much. Then he was off to work again and the kids and I did dinner from some of the groceries, bathtime, and bed. I stayed up too late eating and watching TV. Didn’t exercise.

Today so far I haven’t eaten well again. I’m going to have to start over I think with tracking and eating strictly. I’m at 200 this morning. The kids are playing right now, but K2 needs to take a nap soon. Its taken me almost 2 hours to write the vacation post and this one. I need to have a healthy lunch, which will need to be after I assess if most of my veggies have spoiled while I was gone. I’m considering going running outside today – kind of depends on when I put K2 down and if I want to leave P on her own with K still sleeping.

This afternoon we have a BBQ at K’s sister’s. Then we might try and find some fireworks or maybe we’ll just be content with the fireworks that K bought last night that are sitting on the counter. I have no idea what kind they are since that isn’t my area, but hopefully it will be fun for the kids. And at least marginally safe. There are fireworks at Palmer Lake up by my parents, but none in the city due to budget cuts. So I’m not sure what that plan is after the BBQ.

I still haven’t unpacked. Not feeling very motivated to do so. But I know I’ll feel more motivated once its done. There is a lot to do around here and I need to do it – getting stuff done always helps with my weight loss efforts which are kind of stalled right now – post vacation laziness and blues.


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