Saturday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

June 22, 2009 at 12:18 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates, Success Story)

The Good
This could also be titled “The Great“, but that’s not the name of the movie. 🙂 Got up at 5:05 AM Saturday morning, so excited and nervous about the race I could barely concentrate. I started getting ready rather groggily, but since I’d miraculously gone to sleep at about 10:20 I woke up pretty fast. I got ready, packed up the last few things I wanted to take and loaded the stroller into the back of the truck. Then I started waking the kids, P first and then K2. It was harder to wake P than it was to wake K2, but they were both sleepy and lacking energy for a while. Mom arrived and we loaded up and headed out to downtown.

Parking was a breeze since the street meters don’t start their hours until 9 AM and we got there at 6:20. We were able to park just across the street from the park with the starting and finish lines. We loaded the kids into the stroller and wrapped sweaters and blankets around them; it wasn’t really cold, but it was overcast and early and they weren’t moving around to keep warm. Then we walked over to the crowd where I tried to get some information about where to go and how to do this. Found out that I kept the tag on my number throughout the race and was supposed to rip it off and hand it to the volunteers at the finish line. No checking in necessary. An announcer got on a loudspeaker occasionally and told us all what time it was and where to gather for the 5K or 10K. We lapped the park a few times while I jogged a little, stretched, fixed my sock, checked my shoelaces, went to the bathroom at the Y across the street, and eventually split off from Mom and the kids to duck under the yellow tape and gather with the pack at the starting line in our green-cone lane for the 5K. I was in the back of the pack, but that didn’t bother me any.

And then a lady came over the loudspeaker to explain how she was going to say G-O, and we were not to trample each other. And then she said it, “GO!” It took a few second before the back even started to move, though we all started to kind of jog in place. Slowly the congestion moved forward and as we went about 1/2 a block we were able to move freely and everyone spread out over the street.

I had my Zune cranked high and tried to pace myself a little faster than I’d normally run on my own but not so fast that I would have to walk. Up the street, over a street, down the street, up the street on the other side, down, up. I settled toward the back of the runners of the 5K and in front of the walkers. A few people kept running, walking, running, walking, right near me so I’d pass them, then they’d pass me, etc. It was kind of annoying, but I tried to ignore them and just keep my pace steady. The course was almost entirely flat, so hills weren’t a factor. It was nice and cool since it was completely cloudy. And I ran. There was a clock on a building sign for a business, and since I ran past it and then past it again on the way up the street, I could tell I was making pretty good time – better than I’d anticipated. As I turned the last corner and went down the straight stretch to the finish line, Kid Rock came on my Zune and I decided to kick it up a bit since I could see the finish. But I underanticipated how far 3 blocks are and slowed back down to just a little faster than my whole-race pace about a block from the end. As I ran into the cones, the guy called my name out and I heard some cheering. I saw Mom with the kids, she was trying to snap pictures. And I ran it in! I was feeling quite euphoric, proud of myself for running the whole thing and sticking with a good pace, and I saw that the clock said 35:59! Four minutes faster than I’d made my goal! I knew that wasn’t the official time, since that was just the last time I looked at the clock. I looked up my time today, and it was 36:20. Still, my goal was 40 minutes so I was very pleased.

I jogged down the cone pathway, ripped off my tag and gave it to the volunteers, and then got a water and stood in line for the free stuff table. Mom and the kids came and found me. I eventually got through the line to take some of the free samples and load my pockets (looking back I wish I’d taken more:), and then get some bagels & cream cheese from the Bruegger’s bagel table. We let the kids play at the slide park for a few minutes while I stretched half-heartedly and then we walked to the truck to load up.

Driving home, we passed Memorial Park and saw the set-up for Spring Spree, a carnival kind of like gathering with no rides (some bouncy castles, though). We decided to stop; it was only 8:30 at this point. Parking was simple, we found out that was because it hadn’t officially started yet. So we walked around and looked the wares, tried a sample, got some coupons. The kids got some balloons contorted into shapes by a cloud named Q-Ball. And it started to rain, so we hightailed it out of there. We were home from all this adventure by about 10.

After a shower and some lunch and putting K2 down for a nap, P and I decided to run some errands since K2 came home to sleep anyway. We went to Vitamin Cottage, Borders, and Famous Footwear. We didn’t buy much, but it was enjoyable to just look.

At about 3 we headed home……..

The Bad
Turning into our housing area on a left hand turn. Was in the intersection waiting for a gap in traffic. The light turned yellow, waited for a few cars to go through, and I THOUGHT the last two vehicles were stopping for the about-to-be-red. One did. One did not. I’m taking my left-hand turn when there’s a huge crashing sound, and all of the sudden the steering wheel is jerked from my grasp as the truck is somehow spinning to face the opposite direction from how we were. I might have screamed, P might have screamed. I don’t know. We came to a shuddering halt….. I’m thinking, this isn’t happening. What is happening. How did this HAPPEN? I reversed two times before I got us away from the curb in front of us so I could pull out of the intersection. I’ve already started to shake. P is wailing, “are they going to get rid of us?? are they going to shoot us??” Oh my gosh, what is she talking about, why would that be her reaction??? I still don’t know.

I stopped the truck, turned it off, and got out – my door didn’t want to open from the whole front of the frame of the truck being bent so badly. But I got out and went around the truck to open P’s door and give her a hug and make sure she was ok. And then I ran down the street a little ways to where the other car had pulled out of the street into an elementary school parking lot to make sure the other driver was ok. My leg had already started to hurt, but I jogged anyway.

Honestly, I don’t want to go into any more details than that. After that things just got worse, more surreal and awful. Police, I got a ticket, the attitude of the other driver, but more importantly the attitude of her family as they showed up. The nice, nice witnesses, one of whom actually went and fetched K since he wasn’t answering his phone. A blow by blow isn’t necessary I don’t think. Suffice it to say, insurance has been called. We don’t know what will happen but the truck isn’t driveable. Not even registered yet. We had it towed the .2 mile home. We walked. Me limping. I have a vicious bruise on my leg and invisible bruises from my seatbelt across my chest. But no one else was hurt – not the other driver and most importantly, not my daughter. I cried for almost the whole hour and a half that everything went down.

This is what insurance is for, and no one was seriously hurt. Those are the important things. But man, does it suck. And it especially sucked as a cap to a previously GREAT day.

The Ugly
And then that night I reacted to all this by ruining my wonderful race day of triumph with a binge. Don’t want to say anything more about that. Sunday was also pretty bad as far as food intake. Today will be better.


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