June 17, 2009 at 8:02 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

I don’t feel like typing a lot or getting chatty (for once), so this is going to be bullet

– binged last night, but managed to stop myself before it got really crazy. 2 pieces of sheepherders bread, ice cream sandwich, 2 bowls of raspberries w/ sugar, 1 graham cracker spread w/ dark chocolate dreams pb

– 195 this morning, up 1 pound. 1 binge does not a disaster make as long as I don’t let it continue on for a week. and for once the binge was after a workout. dumb, but moving on.

– was feeling overwhelmed, hence the binge. Race day, trip, getting the house in shape, and been spending way too much time on computer to get any of that done. to solve this problem, made a list last night and didn’t allow myself to sit down here today until I’d accomplished everything on the list. felt much better about it all today.

– did laundry (still need to put some away), did dishes, went running, had good meals/snacks, took kids to park twice. second time we walked to local park, took dog. Culled kids toys and got rid of some junk toys, put away a bucket of baby toys to preserve for next baby. That took the toy bucket down to manageable portions. Going to make another list tonight for tomorrow, even though its an office day.

– Not going to allow any chocolate at office tomorrow.

– Feeling good, a little sunburned from my run, and hoping I can sleep well tonight. Got to bed way too late last night, as per the usual on most binge nights. Makes it so hard to wake up at a reasonable hour – stuck in a vicious cycle here that I really need to break but haven’t felt motivated enough to set alarms and get up earlier than the kids make me. Contemplating this.

– Kids going to bed soon, then I’ll do some walking lunges across the house and take a shower. Feel gross and grungy from my run. It was almost 4 miles, though I didn’t run it all. Probably ran almost 3 of it. So nervous for Saturday.


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