Good thing I was only there for 3 hours

June 16, 2009 at 4:42 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

I had a lapse at the office today. I had planned ahead to allow myself a couple of pieces of chocolate out of one of the office jars. But I ended up having 5. And the building management showed up on our floor with a huge rolling freezer of ice cream sandwiches and cones for anyone that wanted one. And I wanted one. I was out there in the lobby before I’d even finished reading the email notifying us of the ice cream. On my way back to my desk with my ice cream cone (cookies & cream), I read that it had 260 calories. Ugh. So I ate the top and a couple bites around the cone and then threw the rest out.

But it is a good thing K needed me to come home early (I left at 3 instead of 4) because I was feeling pretty weak by that point.

Tonight I will be having dinner (no idea what since I once again forgot to thaw anything), and no snacks afterward. I will be running for 45 minutes on the treadmill.

Next week I am going away to Utah with my parents and my kids. We’re ditching my DH, poor guy. We’ll be gone for about a week, maybe more like two. I’m pretty excited, but its going to be uber-weird to be away from a computer for that long. Maybe at some point I can get to a library or something for some internet time. Addicted much… why, yes, I am thank you very much.

In preparation for that trip, I’d really like to get the house super-clean and most of the laundry caught up so that I have plenty of choices for packing for me and the kids. I’ve decided with how much (how little) I’ve been getting done lately, I need to start making lists. And I need to limit my computer time. Like I said, I’m addicted. I read way too many blogs every day (its not like I comment or participate but once in a blue moon), and I spend way too much time on email and facebook. So starting tonight I’m going to make a to-do list for each day for the next week or so (I’ll make the list for the next day each evening), and I won’t allow myself to sit down at the computer until those things are done. Not even to record my daily weigh-in – I can certainly remember the number long enough to get some stuff done before I sit down. Because once I sit down here, I have a hard time getting back up and getting to work.

Saturday is race day and I’m more and more nervous and distracted as time passes. I’m excited, but the nerves are starting to overpower the excitement. This is so far outside of my comfort zone its not even funny. Rest of today and then 3 days left. Going to try and convince my dad to come along so he can snap a pic of me while Mom is tracking the kids at the finish, per Jennifer’s advice to make sure I get a picture of that moment.

In other news, K has gone to the pawn shop to sell off some of his old mechanic tools. As usual, we’re running low on funds until my next payday and his monthly payday at the end of the month. Ugh, when will it end. In the meantime, we need money for gas and groceries. Never thought I’d have to deal with a pawn shop.

Well, guess I’m off to figure out the evening. Will make my list for tomorrow later tonight.


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