Walk, work, run

June 10, 2009 at 1:47 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Yesterday I got us up and out of the house just in time to meet a friend for a 40 minute walk. We were pushing strollers, but my friend walks pretty fast and so we kept a good pace the whole time and had a nice chat. Then the kids and I came home for breakfast. They had cold cereal (I let them have cold cereal every other day) and I made a breakfast shake w/ yogurt, frozen fruit, spinach, and some juiced carrots. It was really good, and a weird greenish/orange color.

Then it was off to the shower to get ready for the office. The office wasn’t too rife with drama yesterday, so I got some stuff done and then came home, mentally tired as I usually am after being there. K had ordered pizza for dinner; his idea of helping me out on my office days. Ironic considering the reason I asked him to help with dinners on my office days was to keep me on my diet. Pizza doesn’t exactly cut it. But I was trying to go with the flow so I made us both a big plate of lettuce, spinach, and shredded carrots to eat while we waited for the pizza to be delivered. I put a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar on mine and it was ok. The pizza arrived and I had 1 full piece and started another, but ended up eating the crust and the tip and leaving the main body of the piece. I was full and I didn’t want to eat so much pizza that I triggered a binge mentality or felt too heavy to run later.

After K left for work I let the kids play outside for a while longer until it was close to bedtime and then we came in for our bed time ritual, which basically consists of calming down in front of some cartoons, making a bottle, going upstairs and watching the rest of the cartoon while K2 drinks his bottle and then we play on the bed for a while (monster, horse, etc), and then we brush teeth and they go to bed.

I came downstairs ready to run. I ran 2 minute intervals for 45 minutes. For the first time I ran almost the whole time – even my slow intervals were at a slow jogging pace instead of taking it down to a walk. My fast intervals were only at 5.2 mph, but this is faster than I was so I feel it is progress. Then I did 3 sets of different types of squats and hamstring curls to finish out the workout.

Surprisingly, I haven’t gotten sore from my outdoor run. I really thought I would be after how wiped out I was. But I guess I underestimated how my fitness has improved over the last few months.

Today, we went to playgroup for a little while at a nearby park, and then met K at the dealership to leave the truck there for some maintenance. Came home, the kids played outside for a little while, and then they had lunch of leftover pizza, pudding. Ugh, not healthy for the kids huh? I had a tortilla pizza with brocolli, cauliflower, some black beans, cheese, and some of that green cheese sauce as the marinara. It was good and I couldn’t quite finish it.

In about 20 minutes I’ll wake K up (for the second time) and then I’ll get ready to go for my second outdoor run. Today it is overcast and quite cool outside, so it should be great running weather. I think today I’ll head in a different direction but I haven’t decided which way yet. I also need to investigate trails in the near vicinity. Road running can get tedious.

I think this has been a boring post filled with too many details from our largely boring life. But that’s what’s going on. I’m preparing a little each night for my talk and lesson on Sunday.

OH – I almost forgot!! I registered for my race yesterday!! It is a week from this Saturday and I got my t-shirt, some coupons, and my number! I am so excited and nervous, but feeling pretty awesome now that I’m officially registered for my first 5K. Its going to be interesting; gotta make sure we get there early enough to get parked and get to where I’m supposed to be. I guess there are  about 1000 people that run this every year, so I’m hoping that means there will be people of all speeds. Including my speed, which is s…l…o…w. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve registered now I just have to train and wait. Wheee!

I was down to 194.5 yesterday, but I weighed after walking for 40 minutes and before having eaten or drank anything for the day. Today I was at 196, but I think that is fine considering that’s where I was the day before and a 1.5 loss overnight is pretty fast. Plus, I had pizza last night. Come on!


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