Manic Monday

June 8, 2009 at 10:49 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Not really that manic, actually. Since I’m stranded there isn’t much I can do but home-stuff. So I’m doing laundry and going to do some cleaning. The TV is off for once, and the kids and I are listening to the radio. K should be home soon from his morning account, but he’ll probably sleep all afternoon like yesterday.

Had oatmeal this morning; I decided that on the kids’ oatmeal days I’ll have the same and I’ll make my shakes on the days they have cold cereal. So I had oatmeal, berries, tsp of coconut oil, cottage cheese and a little sugar. It was tasty, if a bit runny today. I prefer runny to really thick anyway.

Down to 196 today. So it basically took me 3 days of being back on plan to correct the damage I did with 4 days of binging and no exercise. 196 is a new low, which is exciting. I found another mental reason for my lapse – perspective on the loss. I went from thinking of this weight loss thing in 5-pound increments to thinking of it as 40 pounds I have to lose. 5-pound increments is doable. 40 pounds seems insurmountable (as did 70-80). So I’m back to thinking of it in 5-pound chunks (pun intended). I’m almost to 195! Then it will be the goal to get to 190, and so on.

At the zoo on Saturday night, my older SIL noticed my loss and asked about what I’m doing. She asked how many calories, what I’m doing for exercise, how many times I’m eating. She is a firefighter that has qualifications in medical stuff (I don’t know the titles) and is going to a training in California soon to learn about physical training. So I respect her opinion; only problem is I answered all her questions and then we arrived at the food tent and I never got her input on what I’m doing. So that is something I’d like to find out. Maybe I’ll text her today and ask. Goodness knows I’m not going to call. 🙂 Ugh, phones.

K just got home. The kids are upstairs. And Cloud has started barking. The dorky dog.


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