An outdoor run instead of cleaning

June 8, 2009 at 8:34 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

This afternoon, I got fiddling with my phone, trying to load music onto it so it can double as my mp3 player. My husband diverted me to fiddling with his Zune instead and since almost all the music we have on the computer was already on there, I figured out how to make a playlist for myself. And then I decided to go … running …. outside … !

Got my running shoes on, sports bras (I wear two) locked and loaded, and off I went with Zune in bra. 🙂 My two bra system creates a handy little pocket between the girls for a small audio device. TMI?

I didn’t have a clear direction or path in mind, so I headed out of the neighborhood kind of randomly, trying to stick to streets I could later drive down to clock how far I’d gone. Then I headed down a street I’ve driven a lot, but never walked or ran down. I ran for most of the 45 minutes it took me to get to my randomly decided turn-around-point and back. Picked a few vibrant wildflowers on the side of the road toward the end to take home to P since she wasn’t happy when I made her come inside for while I was gone (K was sleeping). She loved them. I wasn’t running fast, especially toward the end when I was feeling pretty done. When I got home, I drank a bunch of water and then loaded P into the car to go see how far this adventure had been.

As we drove and the number on the trip-meter went up and up, I was kind of astounded. I’d gone 3.8 miles! With only a few short walking stints! Yay me! 2 weeks until my 5K, and if I do a bunch more runs outside in the afternoons until then, I think I’ll be marginally prepared. Not really planning on winning or anything, but hey. This is my first race since cross country my sophomore year of high school. 17 years ago. Wow. Registering tomorrow!

I can’t really run in the afternoons on T and TH’s because of going into the office. But if I get in 3 outside runs per week for this week and next, I’ll be happy with that.

Tomorrow morning I’ll also be getting up to go walking with the kids and a friend, hopefully if it isn’t too cold.

I’m going to need new running shoes soon.


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