Green Cheese Sauce and a Sunday walk

June 7, 2009 at 7:34 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

So today I fasted. For no real reason; I had trouble focusing my thoughts well enough to come up with a concrete reason for my fast (it was a religious fast). It was kind of just a “please help me” fast in general.

For dinner, I made seared chicken, rice, steamed broccolli, and green cheese sauce. Green, huh? Yup. Green. It occurred to me while I was getting the ingredients ready for a white cheese sauce that I could blend spinach into the milk before I mixed it with the butter and it would be green but still a creamy sauce. Yum! So I tried it. It turned out a very pretty green color, and it tasted pretty good, too! A little gritty, but I’m not sure if that was because of the cheddar I used instead of a white cheese or if it was the spinach. Anyway, it was yummy and different. I had 1/2 cup of rice with my chicken and brocolli and sauce, and it was quite yummy. I’ve decided Sundays that I fast for church are good days to make the more rich, decadent dinners since there’s no way I’m going to exceed my calorie intake requirements for the day anyway. I also have decided I need to choose my snack for the evening before I break my fast so that I don’t merge into a free-for-all in the evenings since I “have calories to spare” from not eating all day.

The kids are upstairs very loudly playing in the empty bathtub. It sounds dangerous and like they’re doing damage, but I don’t think they are. We had dinner and then I loaded them in the double stroller for a 40 minute walk in the beautiful breezy weather outside.

Last night we went to the zoo for my SIL’s work-at-zoo night. All people and their families from her employer. We had a dinner of grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato and pasta salads, cookies. The kids didn’t eat much; I had potato salad and chicken and a couple cookies.

P reacted pretty belligerently to the giraffes and the merry-go-round. I got K2 to go on the mgr, but he was terrified at first. I stood next to him and held on to him the whole time. He cried until right before it started, and then when it started going up and down and around, he looked like his face was fighting g-forces. It was a pretty scary rictus – I’d never seen him quite so overwhelmed. As we continued to go around and nothing more happened, he calmed down and warily tried to enjoy himself. It was fun to see him overcome that. P sat in the stroller on the sidelines sullenly. Then came the giraffes, where she again became ornery because of her fear. I finally got her to calm down and toss the crackers over the fence and act excited about the cute giraffes. K2 fed them a couple times, until his fingers got slurped into a slimy mouth; then he was done. The rest of the animals caused general excitement, if not oohs and ahs. P finally just started enjoying herself and running around with her little cousins. K2 stayed in the stroller for most of the time, getting out when I’d show him an animal and then getting back in to suck his thumb and hold the blanket that Aunt L provided. P reacted again in the gorilla enclosure; the one that caused her to have a huge meltdown last year, screaming that the gorilla was going to break the window and eat us. This year, she just cried a little, let me hold her and show her. The thing that really calmed her down enough to look was the mama gorilla and her baby; telling her that the mama was just taking care of her baby really helped her to not see them as monsters but as families.

We had a good time and got home pretty late for them. They were in bed by 9:30, but I was very glad I’d decided to work out earlier in the day and had that already done. I was very sore, both from running and from walking around our hilly C/S zoo pushing a heavy stroller, and getting to sleep last night was difficult. I probably should have taken some aspirin or something.

Today my SIL came and borrowed my truck, so I’m stranded here for the morning while K is working. I don’t have anywhere to go really even after he gets back, so its ok.

Planning on having a healthy version of one of my favorite ice cream desserts – called a raspberry torte. I’ll have a big bowl of NF plain yogurt with stevia, a bunch of thawed berries, and a big TB of hot chocolate powder over the top. Yum.

Found out today that on top of teaching a lesson at church next week, I’m going to be speaking in sacrament meeting as well. Yippy. Not too excited, and not sure how I’m going to contain my children while I’m speaking since K won’t be there. I don’t want to sic them on another family; I might ask Mom to come to church at my ward to contain them.


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